Let’s see where this goes…

And so begins my 388th blog, the previous blogs prior not surviving past three posts. Some people never learn.

Arsenal Crest

First thing’s first, this is an Arsenal blog, but, as is the nature of football, I’m sure a host of other thieving Spanish clubs will get mentioned as well. Yes, the layout at present is closer in representation to Lysanna Diarra (churlishly crap), but it’s early days yet.

Secondly: ‘thirdgen’ is simply that – Wenger’s so-called ‘third generation’, or so we hope, of great players. I’d settle for a great team, but who am I to complain? I’ve never set foot in England, have yet to see a match live (that is, never to have set foot in Highbury, Ashburton Grove or The Dell – my loss). Indeed. I’m the poor, deprived plastic foreigner you all love to hate who’ll throw the towel in and mope off to Chelsea the minute the going gets tough. Or so I’ll have you think.

Third: thirdgen is being born into the post-apocalyptic world of AFC without Thierry Henry, a media insisting we’re a club on an endless downward spiral, a board enjoying its lowest popularity levels since 1496, and a manager (quite characteristically) not renewing his contract at present. Alls well, it seems.

Call me a Wenger-apologetic, or a PHW lover (though Messrs Kroenke is still an interesting subject), or a communist, but at least we’re off on an honest foot.

Love me, violently.



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