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Tevez to delay decision

Morning, all. Day one of thirdgen’s life up and over, and bare scraps to report about.

Carlos Tevez - Decision after Copa America

Starting the day off with the news that Tevez is delaying his decision to move (or not to move) clubs until after the Copa America tournament. Having reportedly rejected Inter Milan, he is quoted as wanting to remain in the Premier League. The big four will no doubt all be interested – but then, Derby County would also be ‘interested’ – and West Ham will be desperate to keep hold of him. Of the big four, you would have to say Man Utd and Liverpool are out of the running, given their signings and money spent, leaving the two London clubs to slug it out. I don’t like thinking of Arsenal trying to ‘slug’ anything out with Chelsea, but I must say Arsenal’s chances look reasonable.

Fabregas to Real? Pigs might fly. The kid has seven years left on his contract, of which we’ll see at least four of those, and he’ll shimmy off to Barca, his childhood-club. No one will begrudge him that. Real of course will continue with their itchy-trousers approach to the media and transfers, and Fabregas will remain with Arsenal. You can be certain of that.


In other news, Gerard Bourgoin continues to flaunt Bakari Sagna around like day-before milk, saying he ‘fears’ Auxerre will have to let him go should an ‘improved offer’ from Arsenal come along. Wenger’s obviously had his eye on this one, but there’s nothing on Youtube to go by, and no-one I know seems to watch the French League as it is. With Eboue departing for the ACN in January, though, it does give us an added option. Defence will surely be sealed up then. Again, wingers and a striker is what we want. I say it is.

Oh, and Darren Bent’s gone to Tottenham for £500K more than Henry cost to go to Barca. A good striker, no doubt, but listening to their fans repeat what they’ve been saying for decades is quite entertaining.

Until another time. Au’voir.


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