Real may still want Reyes

Reyes - now wanted by Real MadridIt’s cold, and I’m shivering.

Fittingly, we’ll start off with some Spanish stories, and the little Arsenal news that there is today mainly revolves around Jose Antonio Reyes. Predrag Mijatovic is reported to be considering a bid for Reyes’ services after his two-goal heroics that won the La Liga for that rich club that no-one’s heard about. He is quoted as saying: “(Reyes) helped us win the league. He’s an excellent player and there’s a chance he’ll stay with us”.

Look at it this way, after all the ‘Cesc will join us’ crap we’ve heard from that lot persistently, a more reformed ‘Reyes might join us – by some wierd, twisted aggregate I will not justify – might justify the chances of Reyes being bought by Real. Let’s hope for a nice inflated fee. They bought ol’ Nicolas for £23mil, didn’t they?

Other news? Not much. Darren Bent reckons Thierry got sold on the cheap: Try this, Benty – you’re an overpriced Englishman with a glorious record for Charlton and Ipswich Town, about to join ‘the mighty’ Spurs. Oh, but that’s just ad hom. I’m supposed to be above that. To be fair he doesn’t say that much with any malicious intent, and perhaps Henry was slightly underpriced. Still. He’s a 30 year old striker with a long term groin problem – £16m is good business.

Oh, and Lampard has obviously mistaken Arsenal for a very large Flake-bar. I myself would have been tempted to have a nibble, but really – steamed vegies can do him a world of good.


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