The Croazilian, Cesc…and Magic Ostriches

Eduardo - first major closeseason signingBreaking news first and foremost: Arsenal have signed Dynamo Zagreb’s striker Eduardo da Silva – you may remember him as the striker who took advantage of an Arsenal defensive error in the Champions League qualifier second-leg last year and scored a goal against England recently (which was remembered more for Robinson’s hilarious gaff in missing Neville’s backpass). I literally jumped in the air at the sound of a proper signing – yes, it could have been us signing Eric Djemba-Djemba, but I would have still…no, no I wouldn’t have. Arsenal’s official site has confirmed the signing, but nothing more. Doesnt it just make all these transfer rumours completely redundant, though…there goes Arsene, pulling one out of nowhere again. It’s very telling. Hopefully Arsene knows something we dont, though – Eduardo is a skillful player, with an excellent scoring record both for Croatia and Zagreb – which shows that Wenger’s been doing his research, as can only be expected. He wasn’t the whisper on everybody’s lips. Cannot wait to find out how he turns out, though.

Cesc’s agent also speaks out against the rumours (which we all knew to be false, of course) linking him with a move to Spain. This blog started off as a ‘there’s nothing going on’ post, and has been added to regularly throughout the night. Typical Wenger – I will always love the guy.

Some may have read my recent feature on next season’s prospects with just the current side. If so, you’ll definitely enjoy what I find to be an excellent read over at A Cultured Left Foot. I’ve gone all Nietzche-ry/Zen Buddhist in thinking that Arsenal must overcome the self and/or solve problems from within. Actually, no. I’ve always been that way. Happy days.

Lawrence Caborn (some ex-minister) rabbits on about the proper ‘filters’ that are in place to ensure only the most huggable of investors are buying out football clubs. Interesting that aspects of clubs ‘begin(ning) to lose touch with the communities they serve’ are mentioned – given the area of North London, I guess the ‘not-so-english-Arsenal’ is quite fitting, given the make-up of the area. I promised I’d make a gibe at Liverpool a while ago, and I’ll just sneakily mention something about Spain and how many Spaniards are in Merseyside. Of course, I dont give a rat’s – passports are irrelevant given ability. But that’s a very old debate.

all3points reports that Arsenal are winning the race to sign Carlos Tevez. In another page they go so far as to say Arsenal have already tabled a bid. Apologies in advance for all the rumours – they naturally yo-yo in he-wont-he-will-he-wont-he-will cycles, though it is part of the fun. Or anti-fun, as the case may be. Something increasingly likely (billionth time this has been said) is Sagna’s signing, which is getting lots of coverage, for French rightback standards, anyway.

Call it bad journalism, to use the same source for a myriad of stories, but hey: We’re after Curtis Davies, and Real want Reyes on the cheap, the bastards. And there’s something to do with someone called Palladino. Heart-stopping!

tribalfootball - they see all...The wonder that is tribalfootball (“dear God, no!”) cites that Eto’o’s wages are the stumbling block in any possible transfer. I use the word ‘cite’ sarcastically, as the editors of that site prefer to fold their hands like ostriches, and ask these magical ostriches questions as they would if they were actually interviewing someone (for once). Trust me, read as much of that site as you can stomach. Almost as hilarious as Sportingo.

Oh, and the Ostriches also tell them that Man U are going to offer competition for Anelka’s signature. All these rumours are a little redundant now, what with Eduardo’s signing, but how many strikers are we dreaming of? Can you imagine a team filled with Huntelaar, Tevez, Anelka, Martins, Owen, Eto’o, Adebayor, Walcott, Bendtner and Eduardo, with van Persie in goal? Immaculate football, chaps. Immaculate.

So that’s twice I’ve mentioned the word ‘Eto’o’s’. It really is very entertaining. All for now, possums. Play safe. (What a day…)



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3 responses to “The Croazilian, Cesc…and Magic Ostriches

  1. Daniel

    Yes, how many Spainish players are on Mersyside? Torres, Alonso, Reina… um i’m struggling after that to be fair mate… even going across stanley park i can only find one more, Arteta!!!!
    Do better next time if you jibs at my beloved, atleast have something ready that has a basis in fact!!
    Other nice job… congrats on the signing too, another one i’ve never heard of.. should learn never to expect anything else!! Hope he does well

  2. Ozzy

    Well written, mate. Always nice to see an Arsenal site created by someone who is not an unintelligible muppet.

    One thing, maybe have links opening in a new window?


  3. Desmond

    I am not surpriseed by Arsene’s latest coup: he still knows when others guess. The future’s bright, the future’s red and white