Enter Nordtveit

Nordtveit “It’s alive! Alive!” The club is kicking somewhat now, with transfers coming in every second day – we hope. The club has confirmed the £2million signing of Harvard Nordtveidt, the seventeen year old defender from FK Haugesund. I’ve found images of the kid a bit hard to come by – would it only be in the world of football that there’s nothing suspect of looking up pictures of kids his age? Well, there was always Britney. And Macaulay Culkin.
(credit and thanks to yngve for the Nordtveit links)

Eduardo with reportersEduardo spoke with Arsenal.com, with his shirt number revealed as ‘9’. Better update the Players section, then.

One protracted transfer comes to an end, another alleged dealing goes on: Sagna is still hopeful of Wenger winning out on the transfer. There are those that are questioning why we are hankering after a rightback when what we need is wingers – three words: African Cup of Nations. Toure and Eboue will be gone (as well as Adebayor), and Sagna will be needed come January. Maybe he’s a right winger in the making, or perhaps Eboue is. Maybe it’s Fabianski, who knows.

Better news: Eduardo is targeting the championship. Now by championship, I certainly hope he means the Premier League, and not anything to do with Coca Cola. You have to love new, young strikers – such confidence. Well, apart from Reyes.

Let’s just try and remember that he is not a Thierry Henry replacement, but filling the striker gap left after another striker left the club, who just happened to be named Thierry. Exciting times, yes! Oh, and all sorts of people are saying Eduardo’s ‘not that bad, chappies’.

As much as I loved them when they played – why is it all our ex-players are becoming such doom-mongering prats? Apparently the first team recommences training today, though – if that can distract you from Merson’s ponce-ness, which I’m sure it can.

All for now. Apologies for the links not opening in new windows (yet), will try and have it sorted by the next blog. (and I just realised ‘African Cup of Nations’ is four words. Sigh.) Keep reading, though – it gives me thrills.



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5 responses to “Enter Nordtveit

  1. paul merson's bookie

    that **** owes me money!!
    thats why he slags of arsenal , gets his £1000 money every time he slags us off on sky..
    remember his classic saying…
    liverpools season is finished after arsenal beat them 6 3 in carling cup..refering to liverpools champions league game against barca…end result liverpool in final(merson hiding his car from the repossesors after non payments).
    so anything this useless sorry excuse for a man has to say is not even worth wiping your *** with..

  2. yngve

    pics of Nordtveit, not in an arsenal shirt though…


  3. AJ

    Our fixture list in January is relatively straightforward – with only mediocre teams, and a couple of domestic cup features coming up. I’d be fairly confident in Justin Hoyte, or else Johann Djourou handling those games on the right hand side.

    I’ve heard that Sagna isn’t even that good, to be honest – if we’re after a utility defender, I’d rather it were a left sided one, and one not costing more than a couple of million.

    But we’ll see.

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  5. Dgob

    I suspect the Merse is back powdering the baby. Season by season, he gets more seemingly depressed and eager to criticise the Arsenal and lead the inevitable charge of the Anti(Wenger), anti-Arsenal hordes. Here he seems to be unably supported by a second in command in the ever ballooning form of Andy Gray. I go to all out home matches but can no longer watch the highlights on Sky Sports with these two ion falls (*ankers) spouting their incessant negativity. At least Merse should know better and if (as my mum always said) he cannot say anything positive (especially as a supposed fan) then, say nothing (shut the f**k up)!