Bleached Almunia

Bleach! Bleach!A very, very very late blog – a glorious 11 hours late, by my reckoning. Internet was down, what can you do.

 Move on! A quick round up of news, as not much has happened that I missed – we have yet to sign Lionel Messi, but give it time, chaps give it time. Wenger stands to recieve a juicy transfer kitty with the income set to come in end of next season: You heard right. Wenger’s recieiving it. He’s going to stay, if you crouch, strain and blink hard enough.

While the picture’s still close – Isn’t Almunia diviiiiine? Pre-season training’s started for some, and with more competition for the gloves (including that of Szczesny, who along with four other youngsters signed professional contracts with the club today), Almunia’s going to have to get noticed by all means possible. Faaaaaabulous.

Fabulous? Fabregas is said to have been awarded vice-captaincy of the squad. A bit of debate there – what about Toure? It’d be a tough job to have to put up with Gallas and marshall the rest of the squad at the same time, so it’s for the best, laddies. For the best. 

That, and Freddie’s being linked with Fiorentina – just think of the Lupoli/Ljungberg partnership: we missed a trick, surely.

And that is that. Apologies for the huge delay in posting. Long traintrip for me tomorrow, but should still be normal service resumed. Au’voir…


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