MacFarlane signs, Wenger-talk rubbished

MacFarlane - the future So, the new away kit has gone on sale in England (the Armoury, to be exact), and doesnt it look…quite strange. I was a bit annoyed by several blogs complaining that ‘we look too much like Spurs’, but maybe they had a point afterall. Maybe we’ll get used to it. Still miss the 03/04 Yellow/blue kit, though.

During the big sale they had over at the Armoury (not that I was there or anything), sported the new youth prospect Joe MacFarlane in the new kit. I must say the £30million price tag for the little one shows the enormous potential of the player and the immense desire of the club. We’ll surely win the treble now, yadayadayada.

In more non-satirical news, the board has rubbished claims that Wenger has had talks with Real, as posited by Calderon. The usual twaddle, in other words.

What else? More food-for-thought for the Wenger-hates-Englishman brigade: Black and Smith have joined League-One clubs. Yeah. Give them a chance, sure.

And if you want a good laugh, look no further than here….

All for now. Stay true.

Disclaimer: Joe MacFarlane is not a youth prospect. He is a chartered accountant.



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2 responses to “MacFarlane signs, Wenger-talk rubbished

  1. Harry Barracuda

    It’s a HEARTS away strip. Check their website if you don’t believe me.

  2. Tim

    Cheers for the link – even if it isn’t very complimentary!

    Out of interest, what is it about the list that you so disagree with; it is based solely on last season, which is why Henry was omitted.