Wenger’s the Master, here

Reyes and Wenger, of courseThere’s little to report today. Which means you can expect an essay.

Bernd Schuster is guaranteed of getting the Real Madrid job now that he’s spouting out crap about Cesc and Reyes (the latter not being that crap, I guess)…it would probably be useful for Arsenal/Wenger to just go out and say ‘yes, Reyes is leaving’, or, controversially, ‘Reyes is staying’. Because the fans need to know. Just like they needed to know Eduardo was coming. Right?…

Kit numbers were launched today, no changes from last season with the still-remaining-players who are about to be all sold to Barcelona/Real/Chelsea/Accrington Stanley. Eduardo has No. 9 (as already known), Fabianski No. 21, and Bendtner No. 26. 26 has always been my favourite number, always wore that one in our school/club games. Which means Bendtner will score 30 goals this season, trust me.

I can tell you now you can discount us right out of the Tevez race, and I will be the first to say ‘shut my mouth’ when we sign him. Man Utd are dooming themselves to extortionate prices in acquiring him: a worthwhile article for you to read here. It seems fashionable now that players whore themselves to the highest bidder – right, Nicolas?

And finally, I’ve badmouthed the site before, but Sportingo makes a very interesting, if not bloody-good point in highlighting Arsenal’s caution in the market: read through it, and remember Wenger’s the one with a Masters degree in Economics.

Not that I’m a fan of Greenspan, or anything.


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