Flamini to Cesc it up?

FlaminiMorning all…or a very late evening to the European lot.

Where to start, but the beginning. Rumours are circling that Flamini is in fact leaving Arsenal for Valencia. I’ve heard rumours myself that he may indeed stay at the club for next season, and play at fullback – I would welcome this, as he really is very good back up to the first team. Also, while Im very happy with the state of our first team, our squad players are a little thin on the ground, with only Senderos, Hoyte, Djourou and Flamini of adequate standard, in my opinion – hey everybody, I said ‘Senderos’! Leddim ‘avvit!

One person who is staying is Cesc, believe it or not. His agent is quoted as ‘Cesc will begin training with Arsenal, but this is football and you never know what can happen – everything can change.’ Now, to be honest, the way he’s gone and said that is a little unnerving, but consider that, as an agent, one of his duties to his player is to keep his value up as high as possible. By keeping Cesc ‘desirable’ to potential suitors and the media, he’s performing his agent duties. Which is why we have to take all those little agents and throw them into a dark closet somewhere. Saw comes to mind, here.

It can be confirmed that the mind can suffer from repetitive strain – repetitive doom-mongering tripe here, get it while it’s hot. Seriously, everyone is starting to slate the Gunners for having ‘nothing but potential’ and no end product – so the media jump on the biggest underachievers of them all, citing their ‘amazing potential’. Go figure. I’m particularly interested with Chimbonda being linked with Chelsea – that would be the dream transfer. It would screw over both Tottenham and Chelsea. Mwahaha.

And if you haven’t seen it already, there’s **this**, courtesy of Football Commentator.

Stay happy.


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