Terrible, Tiresome Speculation

Fabregas - so sure he'll leave.I don’t know why I even bother giving the speculation any coverage. Goal.com mystically practices telepathy in telling us Cesc wants to move to his boyhood-club’s biggest rivals. “Despite settling in well at Arsenal and establishing himself as a first team regular…” – end of, sense dictates? Oh, no. No, Cesc surely wants to move. Despite all quotes to the contrary, he surely wants to move. The depressing thing is that all Spurs fans naturally jump on this and say we’re going down the loo. I really pity the fools.

Similar media madness in making up the story about Robinho coming to Arsenal – oh, wait, no, that’s Wenger ‘should’ be interested in Robinho. Did Eduardo not prove anything to anyone?  Similarly, we’re linked to a chappie named Bianchi who scored 18 goals or something last season. No one’s heard of him, so if it happens, it happens. Not that it will happen.

Bakari Sagna, however, seems more and more heavily linked – but £7.5m? ‘Struth.

Slow news day, as you can tell. Drink tea – for life.


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