Gallas - whinging again...Schuster continues his plans for a one-season-stint at Real by courting Cesc, as per usual. It’s incredibly tiresome – and one issue everyone should have with the board. The PR needs to pick up, now – these rumours have been draining the fans since the days of Pires and Vieira. It’s extremely frustrating, and you wonder why it never happens to the likes of Man Utd or Liverpool – probably because we have the superior talent spotter, but still.

Another transfer target down the drain – Babel is being linked with Liverpool, now. We’ve probably dodged a bullet there, anyway. No need to get distressed over spilt elks. Leave that to William Gallas instead: who the hell does he think he is? It makes me angry like a female praying-mantis seconds after procreation.

Oh, and Matthew Connoly’s gone on loan to Colchester – the death knell to his Arsenal prospects? A pity. I’d rather ship off Alex Song to such places.

Stay patient, I guess. Or play cards.


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  1. Dgob

    I must admit that Gallas is starting to annoy and worry me. He’s got far too much to say and from the comments on his website, appears to believe that he is bigger than the club. Funny thing is, our best defensive performances last season came when Toure and Djourou were partnered in the centre. I would not mind seeing his departure and the funds spent on a more solid (Stam/Cambell/Terry/Adams-like) central defender. I feel our existing options already provide all the speed we need (without Gallas) and fear that his comments do little to enhance our confidence or spirit. Also, I still have his Chelski association to overcome.

    Of course, I hope to be proven wrong and for him to live up to all the positive commentary (hype) as part of our title[s] winning season!