Sagna, I’ve had just Bojinov of you…

Bojinov - a long shotThings are starting to stir. Stirr. Sturrr.

Fiorentina are becoming increasingly serious, it seems, at trying to lure Ljungberg away from our cold on-the-demise-uefa-cup-if-we’re-lucky fingers. Some sites have cited an offer of cash plus Bojinov, a rather gifted striker if we do say so ourselves. There’s competition from Sunderland and Man City for Freddie’s signature, and figures of £5.5million have been cited. Refraining from the ‘bite their hands off’ analogies used by so many other blogs, I’ll resort to saying their limbs should be hacked off, ground into fresh paste, with the remains set up for charity auction to save the otter. Then we take the money.

Sagna apparently is in the process of signing for Le Arse as we speak, and the obligatory medical is being passed as we breathe – or something. Gunnerblog handily translates more from the French media, making the process look rather interesting. Odds are on that Sagna will be Arsenal’s soon. It’s cover for Hoyte, and Eboue/Toure for when they depart for the home of the human race. The more competition for the right-back slot, the better, chappies.

All for now. Hopefully a signing to speak of, come next time?


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  1. Jon

    Sagna is a lemon, bojinov is a truly gifted. If wenger puts palacio + bojinov as forwards, arsenal will become a feared club in europe.