Imminent Ljungberg, Alas

Ljungberg departsFirst off: Freddie Ljungberg looks set to leave his club of 9 years (will he get a testimonial?…will Henry?) for Fiorentina. It’s sad news – we’re talking about one of the most amazing servants for this club, with 70 goals to boot, one of the best right wingers of the Premiership from about 2 years ago and prior, with an awesome mohican and Calvin-Klein-whoredom to boot. You could not ask for more from a loyal foot soldier and Freddie will be missed. The Premiership will miss him somewhat as well, being the poor man’s David Beckham. Sorta.

The Bojinov crap from yesterday has not been reprised by anyone else. It was a fantasy from the off, and shall remain that way. Now watch Wenger sign him.

Sagna was caught out by a pesky Sun-cellphone in Cashley Cole’s old number. The signing hasn’t been announced yet on, but The Cannon speculates it may be because of a second signing: we’re being linked once more with Yoan Gouffran – reports eminate that we’ll be signing the kid and loaning him back to his club for a season, which would make sense considering Caen’s chairman’s comments, and also given our current options. Funny how so many prospects are being constantly loaned out of arms reach from the squad – I’m not referring to the unfortunates like Moritz Volz or the recent Matthew Connoly – the bogey seems to come when you get a slight amount of playing time for Arsenal, and then are loaned out to god-knows-where. Vela and Gouffran to be successes? It’s mathematically sound speculation, folks. Very sound.

Hilarious rumour of the day goes, once again, to the Magic Ostriches – Eto’o to Arsenal (again) should Cesc be lured away by Madrid. Kind of like saying Liverpool will be replacing Steven Gerrard with Jaap Stam if Steven decides to hightail it to Everton.

Rosicky has been bigging up the Gunners’ chances of success next season, saying our keeping the same team will prove to be an advantage over others. Tomas is quoted as saying: “In the last season, our young team has been trying to reach the same tune. In the new season, we can move a step higher and profit from the previous one.” I raise my glass to the man. I mostly agree, I distinctly remember signing no-one new (apart from Lehmann) prior to the Invincibles season – not getting my hopes up to that particular degree, but the point is evident. I hope. I think. I wander.

In news that surprises me, Reading are reportedly after Justin Hoyte, in the light of new competition coming in for the right-back position. This really catches me off guard: Eboue is being touted as a hope for the right wing, and Sagna as a first-choice right back – pray tell, who will his backup be? Hoyte fully deserves to remain an Arsenal player, and has all the qualities to remain on the bench at least, in my opinion. Given time and age, he could only improve. It would be very down-heartening to seem him leave. Black armbands out!

To cheer us all up, announces the Emirates Stadium got yet another award of some kind. I’d prefer Sagna being announced, actually.

And that’s that, really. I’m feeling a bit of melancholy with the Hoyte rumours. “Le Sigh”, I guess.


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