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Sagna signsThe morning has a crisp goodness to it.

At last, Bacary Sagna has been confirmed as Wenger’s latest signing (he’s made a few, eh doubters?), and so ends a not-quite-long-enough to-be-considered-‘protracted’ transfer saga. A solid acquisition, several blogs in the arse-sphere reckon he’s set to become the first choice right back, given the size of the transfer fee, the length of the not-quite-protractedness of it all, and Wenger’s desire in signing him. Apparently the name is pronounced back-a-ree san-ya’ (thanks to our French phonicist at Goonerboy), so show your cultural austerity in getting it right, y’all.

What is important here is that Wenger has improved the one thing that actually needed to be improved in this squad: the defence. At times last season it was far too porous; one particular match we’d all like to forget is the one where Peter Crouch was made to look a world beater (though his robot antics are the stuff of legend, I digress) – which hopefully means on a bad day, those 1-0 defeats to the likes of Sheffield become 0-0’s. Wierd way of looking at it, but you cant expect the attack to fire every time.

Anyways, it does toss up the right hand side of the team like a bit of salad. Hleb, Walcott and supposedly Eboue will now be competing for the right wing position, while Sagna will have Justin Hoyte as backup. Again, the Chelsea-model shows you need two players for every position, which is why I will not side with Justin Hoyte’s departure, if the rumours have any actual merit to them. In an African Cup of Nations year, I doubt we’ll be throwing Justin to the wayside just yet.

The only doubt I have of Eboue becoming a right sided midfielder is that we all saw (in those days when I wasn’t actually alone in rating Hleb) how Aliaksandr and Eboue linked up to such devastating effect. If this really is a change of Eboue in midfield, it looks like he and Sagna would have to work on some one-two chemistry. And Hleb as well, of course. Things to ponder – such things come down to training, which is also one of the reasons not to fret so much about a supposed ‘lack of transfer activity’. Given the same core of players, and their age, this team will improve itself over time.

Signings cheer anyone up. Newsnow is swamped with Sagna, so for today, there’s very little else to report. Hopefully I can get to work on some player profiles when I actually get the time. Until then, stay warm (or cool, for the northern hemispherites).


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