Counting down to Barnet

Cesc - stayingLet’s start the day with some rare diplomacy from Alex Ferguson who reckons Arsenal will be a stronger team without Thierry Henry’s presence. Fergie rabbited on about us remaining in the top four, and that “it was time for him to go. Arsene Wenger knew that, and I think they’ll do better.” Have those two finally had their bottle of red together?

The big news yesterday, aside from Sagna’s confirmation was Cesc rejecting Real outright. I really do not like the language used by his agent, the whole ‘third time lucky’ crap just means we have to put up with more rumours next summer. I’d even gamble on the fact we’ll be hearing Real rumours in January, with Madrid promising cut price £5m offers so they can afford to bribe UEFA to play him in the Champions League in February. Eat your heart out, Nostry. It’s all very queer, with Fabregas allegedly having listened to talks from Real, which, as far as I am aware, is completely illegal. Of course, it is Madrid we’re talking about here. Above the law and whatnot, along with Barca.

Reports from Spain state that Reyes is returning to London after Real Madrid ‘baulked’ at Arsenal’s asking-price for Jose Antonio. Will the club seek other suitors in Spain, now? Hard to say at this moment – it will more than likely take a week or two before an official statement is made. Apart from any morale factor, Reyes’ presence in the team (on paper) would not hurt us at all.

Ljungberg’s price tag is reportedly the stumbling block to his move to Fiorentina. Furthermore, Ljungberg has ruled out any move to an English club – so that means no Freddie for Man City nor Sunderland. Freddie’s agent is quoted as saying “…he has earlier said that due to his respect for the Arsenal fans he can’t play for another English club”. He really is a gooner at heart, and it will make us all the more sad when (if) he is moved on.

The Gooner reckons we’re looking at Luka Modric. Hooray?  There’s a little interview to browse through over at while we’re all still in Sagna-mode.

Barnet FC - tonightAnd of course, the Barnet friendly starts later today. Arsene’s putting out ‘a strong team’, and the new players should be coming off the bench. It’s always nice to see the old fashioned shirts without the player names – I remember it was a 0-0 not too long ago. Hopefully we’ll sneak a last minute equaliser against the mighty Barnet FC.

Enjoy, Senors.


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  1. gunner_ted

    Think your wrong with regard to Ces. If the talking to Real was even a hint of being illegal, then do you really think it would have happened? Neither the Boss nor the agents are clowns. The penalty for getting caught is now too high, in the past maybe and sure if they can get away with it, but to loudly broadcast what they are doing, no way Of course Spanish clubs are going to keep trying, so do English clubs, (how long has Torres been noted to move) goodness Ces is one of the best in the world if not the best. His agent and all agents are of course after money, (forget looking after their players interest?) and that is the major problem with football today, agents after money it has and will destroy the game. My hope is that Ces plays for us for many years but of course at some stage he will leave and go home. he said that from the beginning. I agree with you 100% that Reyes would be good for us, if we can turn this young man around, and the Boss can do that, he will the vital missing link for Arsenal. Arsenal this year will shock many people; don’t write us off at your peril. Go you Gunners.