Barnet Hangover Forever

Palacio - fat chanceI’m sure the celebrations went long into the night after our triumphant two-nothing victory against the old foe, BFC. Adebayor’s the new Henry and Barazite is the new Tavlaridis. It all makes intrinsic sense.

There is really not that much happening in the news, today. Several blogs have linked Arsenal with Rodrigo Palacio – some kind of swoop from above while Barca and the other clubs who own percentages of the player (like limbs and spleen) dither and haggle. I for one really can’t see it happening, given the price being touted (£15m or so), but hey. Rumours enthrall us all, Im sure.

Fabregas gives us some more ‘the future is bright’ comments by saying ‘the future is bright’. More specifically, he mentions ‘…since the start of this project we all promised to be together. We have to stick together and make titles for Arsenal.’ ‘On ya, laddie. It’s a fair point, that’s been said before by Tomas Rosicky as well, and no doubt it’s a Wenger influence coming through on the players. Unlike Mr Henry, who allegedly left due to an impatience to win trophies.

If nothing else, Sky Sports have done a statistical analysis on Wenger’s pocketful-o’-right backs. Interesting to note that Sagna puts in significantly more crosses than Eboue, and yet still with a higher completion percentage. Food for thought?

I feel I should write some features again. At the moment, though, there isn’t enough doom mongering pessimism doing the rounds on the cybersphere. A season-preview is in the pipeline, though. Still trying to improve the layout of the site, as well. Hopefully it’s worth the work. (Update: I’ve fixed the comments moderation – comments will go straight on to the site without moderation, now. Play nice.)

Eat biscuits, do.


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  1. Samuel

    Dude, look for another picture and see his pony tail. He will be great – players will see his hair, fall on their arses pointing and laughing and he can just walk straight through them. Supposedly he is in London but no official sources (assuming the Sun isn’t an official source, as according to them we’ll be starting next season with Anelka and Martins up front) have come out saying it. Also, Arsene didn’t go for Tevez seemingly because of the third party ownership, I don’t know how different/difficult it would be. He’s being spouted as the next Batistuta though, so life is looking up.