The PR Bug finally bites Arsenal

Morning all. This post brought to you by societal apathy and nationalistic fervour.

Peter Hill-WoodShow’s on the road. First off, have gone ape in ‘bringing the supporters what they want to know’, as some kind of change-of-pace thing. On it, Wenger confirms Reyes is leaving; says that Ljungberg will be staying for the beginning of the season (which is a good thing, in my books – even if it is merely until January), and that ‘Arsenal are aiming for the title’ – good, wholesome stuff, espousing true family values, there. Seriously, this club can surprise a few this season. I honestly feel that the title is not as far as others would have you believe – 08/09 is a definite contender, but this season could just sneak up on a few ‘big spenders’. If I haven’t said it enough before, the whole ‘Man Utd and Liverpool have spent the most, ergo they will win everything’ is very pathetic logic. I could find the embryo of the next Eusebio, and buy him into Derby County for £50m, and say they’ll win everything in sight. ‘Oh, but it’s only an embryo…’, the doubting masses cry. Which is why I say look at Chelsea and Arsenal as the teams that are buying clever.

Oh, and Peter Hill-Wood had something to say on as well, hence the title. People have been asking for his head asking for him to come out and say something for once, and he’s struck some nice chords here. More needed, though – but this is the guy that agreed to the Ashburton Grove project. Unlike a certain David Dein. Wenger’s contract talks are ‘progressing nicely’, apparently.

Palacio has exploded all over the ‘Net after the Sun picked it up as an exclusive which they stole from an Argentinian Boca-blogger (heh, ‘boca-blogger’), who, frankly, must be creaming himself at his good fortune. Is it true? Who am I to say – there’s an hypocrisy to be had for a blogger to say it’s not true because ‘some blog’ started it, no? More consistent would be to say it’s not true because The Sun jumped on it. Ah, now we’re ringing bells. If you really want to entertain the idea of us splashing out on an Argentinian I’ve never seen play, a good article from the trustworthy A Cultured Left Foot can be read on how a he could/would/should fit into the team, amongst other things.

Most hilarious report of the day goes to Fulhamweb. They speculate on the Palacio craze, and show a picture with a subtitle you must discover for yourselves. Not one to use cyber-jargon, but ‘wtf?’ springs to mind. That, and Mourinho would seem to have some competition on his hands: Palacio appears to be the real ‘special one’, if looks are anything to go by.

Rat-tails: ‘thrills’. Never wiser words said.


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