No Place Like Home

Not too long ago, Arsenal’s official site was one of the more frustrating, if not boring things to read through, unless you were interested in some profiles on youth prospects. Nowadays, someone’s bitten them on the elbow rather saucily, as they continue to drip feed the fans with some rather feel-good PR, still. Wenger has spoken out about him not signing a director of football (yet), saying he’ll wait until the league season has commenced. What is/was news to me was that ol’ Gilles Grilmandi has not been appointed to this position yet, which in light of‘s activity, makes sense – we would have been officially told if this was the case. Anyways, he’s still considered the front runner. Wenger is quoted as saying “I did not want to unsettle the team before the end of the transfer market. So at the moment I work with Ken Friar and it is working well for us.” No problems, for now, then?

I wonder where Le Guen is hiding, these days – we were very heavily linked with him a season or so ago, possibly as Wenger’s successor (say it ain’t so!), so we’ll see. At least we have been given a ‘due date’ for these things to materialize.

Wenger also spoke in a season-review-sorta-way about the new stadium, its affect on the team, and how they plan to counter the defficiencies of last term. The fictional ‘myopia’ of Wenger is henceforth countered, as elaborated by A Cultured Left Foot. I’m glad he acknowledges the team’s width-play, especially. There surely must be a solution in the pipeline, and again, I’m sure it’s mostly down to training. Hleb might be a difficult one to convert, but Rosicky definitely has a gifted cross, and Walcott has that ‘englishness’ about him that wouldn’t prevent him from centering the ball more often, as he already brilliantly does.

More Wenger! Wenger has insisted that Eduardo is a different kettle of fish to Thierry, as if we couldn’t already figure that out for ourselves. In short, he states that Henry was in fact God himself, while Eduardo is more of a Spanish Inquistion – doing God’s work as efficiently as it needs to be done. No frills, just gruesome Spurs bloodshed. Or something. Who brought religion up?

In the tail end of the news, Toure believes Wenger will extend his contract, and rumours abound that Carlos Vela may somehow, in someway join Arsenal despite him not having a work permit. I can see The Sun jumping on him about being Mexican without a visa. Original, truly.

All for now. It’s dastardly cold down here on the east coast (of Australia, for those that dont know). Who would have thought we get cold down here?

Ciao, sombreros.


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