Ian Wright is the real ‘mockery of Gooners’.

RuntA very earlier than usual blog today – there will be absolutely no chance of me being anywhere near a computer tomorrow for the whole day. There’s not much going on in the world of Arse – of course, if something pops up in the evening/morning while Im out, it just means more for me to write come the next time. All quite entertaining.

Carlos Vela and Fran Merida, supposedly, are on their way to Spain on loan for the season, so says Sky Sports, amongst others. Sky Sports seem quite thrilled with Merida – which makes a change from the Jenas crapola lavished by the neighbours.

The title headline is in ode to former-Arsenal-great (all one word, note) who would happily sit and watch Shaun Wright-Phillips play for Spurs, sitting nice and comfy in their dank little stadium. This is the same ‘Gooner’ who whored SWP off to Chelsea. It’d be long overdue for me to consider him ‘disowned’. The c-with-an-aunt needs no more gratuitous publicity from me, I should think. People these days. In other news, Fabregas wants to be Arsenal captain one day. Don’t we all, Cesc? The important thing here is that it’s the one rebuttal we now have for next summer, when the ‘Cesc to Osasuna’ rumours kick into gear. Fingers crossed!

Myles Palmer throws in his two cents over Stan Kroenke, and raises some very good points. I’m not one to agree with him on most times – in fact, I completely agree with most of what is said in places such as Arseblog, especially with regards to trusting the current board – but the similarities, at least the way Myles phrases it, are evident enough. However, his argument breaks down with his reckoning Arsenal will continue to come fourth in the coming seasons. This is pure speculation – yes, educated guesses, for sure, but speculation. There are as many reasons for us coming fourth as there are for us coming third, second, or first. Because frankly, last season showed we were neck and neck with the top four, with exception to ouGenclerbirligir ability to bully lesser teams, which we didn’t. Writing Arsenal off appears fashionable, these days. We shall see,I guess. (edit: but the ‘Aberto Ayala of football’?…Jesus Christ.)

That, and the Gilberligigigigiligi game is on later today. Time zones often get the better of me. I predict a 4-2 shock-loss for the Gooners. (worth the punt?)

All for now, I guess. Wish me luck for a rather busy, sleep-deprived day. Au’voir…



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2 responses to “Ian Wright is the real ‘mockery of Gooners’.

  1. always gunner

    Love your site but sorry it will 4-2 the other way around. This will be a great year for us. The team is without Henri and I really think that they will play much better. I expect goals throughout the forward line with back up goals from midfield with the odd one or two from Gallus and Tours. Would love to see Vella come back to play for us either at the beginning of the season or at the start of the new year.

  2. Sorry, going to disagree with you over Wright.

    Whilst a lot of his comments are populist and designed to get attention despite turning him into a cartoon characture of his former self, it is actually the least he can do to be supportive of his son and watch him play every week.

    Keep up the good work.