Encouraging Win! Encouraging News!

Van Persie GenclerbirligiA steady win for Arsenal as they continue their tour of Austria, over the team who’s name no-one quite remembers. Goals from Walcott and van Persie (2) sealed a victory which at times produced some glorious slipstreams of momentum for the Gunners.

I mention ‘slipstreams’ because it’s almost reminiscent of the purple patches the team used to have 4 years ago or so, when they’d go up 3-0 in 20 minutes and toy with the opposition for the rest of the match. Not quite what happened here, but as Arsenal.com insinuates, Walcott was the player to watch here.

A delightful assist for van Persie’s first coupled with a finish (garnished with a dash of aplomb) for the second goal of the match saw him recieve a notable review on the official site. Adebayor, van Persie (obviously) and Denilson were singled out for praise as well. Eduardo came on for the final 21 minutes of the game and beat his man once or twice, with a cross that Ljungberg failed to finish. Sagna made his debut as well.

Encouraging signs, one would think. Granted, it’s the sixth-placed Turkish-league side, but it’s fitness and ‘connections’ we’re looking for in these matches. PSG should be the start of tougher tests.

One has to be a little concerned about Eduardo, though. If a white kit looks ‘slimming’ on someone, then he’s pretty thin. Takes one to know one.

Rumours pop up again that we’re after Anelka. That’s all I’ll say, I have a feeling it’s rubbish, just like the Palacio case. Hoyte’s being linked with Villa, now, as well.

Gilberto reckons Cesc is developing into one of the best players in the world. Many people think Cesc already is exactly that. If he can improve at ‘such rates’, I cant actually comprehend how good we’re talking here. I guess it’s best not to get all touch-wood about it.

Finally, Di Maria and Pedro Silva are the latest names in the Carlos Vela catalogue. Gilles Grimandi has given the pair rave reviews, and are now being loaned off to Salamanca, reportedly. Break out the bubbly!

Oh, and diarise August 9, apparently: Bit of a looker, no? I’ll take it over the white kit immediately, even if it is blatant marketing. Would look awesome under European lights, though.

I had a good night, last night. Did you?


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