No Substance to the Takeover Reports

And a morning and a half to you all.

Hill-Wood and DeinTakeover talk has propped up it’s pathetic head again, as newspapers (okay, just The Mirror) continue to speculate over Dein’s position of power should Kroenke pass the 30% buyout-threshold. There are no current quotes, no proof of movements used, only things said from months back – in other words, nothing. It’s not hard to believe that Kroenke is sizing up the bid, but I doubt the papers know all and sundry about the correct timing necessary to do such things. Kroenke, by the sound of it, might know a bit more about that, and this will not happen ‘imminently’, as some sources will have you believe. I really do wish David Dein would go play in the traffic, though.

Anelka Rumour: Officially quashed. Wenger states quite categorically that “We don’t collect strikers, we buy the strikers we need.” Done, settled, done, move along. Looking to the future instead, Wenger reckons Theo will have an adequate (whisper it: ‘important’?) role to play in the coming season. Funny how a few supporters outside of Goonerdom have written Theo off as a ‘spent force’ – perhaps they should research that little idiom a bit more?

Some official site interviews regarding youth and our striking options, for you fans of constant PR-drip feeds.

This hear is Theo Walcott’s goal against Genclerbirligi, but what I must draw attention to is the amazing defending ability shown by Alex Song right near the beginning: the headless chicken tactic worked so well for so many, Alex. Yes.

Dramatic irony, for those that didnt notice.

Di Maria and Pedro rumours have not abated – I will say that it does not sound likely that Mr Grimandi would publicize his ‘ovation’ for the respective players, given how secretive the scouting network (including Grimandi while working in France) have been over so many years.

That was a long sentence.

But you’ll have a good day, regardless, wont you?


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