Ecclestone’s Horse Manure Fortune

It just refuses to stop, now.

Bernie Ecclestone, ‘Supremo’ (even wikipedia notes how many times the tabloids use that word for him) of that stupid sport where cars go round and round and round and round, has been linked with a takeover bid of Arsenal FC, in direct competition to Kroenke. The myriad of headlines is hilarious: “F1’s Bernie planning takeover bid”; “Ecclestone Denies takeover bid”…the dichotomy sums it up. He himself states that he has not heard anything about a takeover, but – and this is the hilarious bit – “maybe I will get approached – and maybe it will be cheap enough”…god help you, Mr Ecclestone. Buy Fenerbache, in that case. Turkish clubs are the next big thing, yuppers. We all know how marketable their names are.

Honestly, it’s such a load of tosh, and yet this is all there is to report on. Discount Ecclestone right out, even those who actually want a takeover will see that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Sod the fact his girl (must be a beast, if Bernie’s genes came out the stronger) is dating Gavin Dean. Having studied journalism, I can tell you the tabloids consider finding such links “brilliant investigation”, and will harp on about it non stop. Their exclusive, their ratings, etc.

Ecclestone does only two things to heighten Kroenke’s favour in the anti-Kroenke camp: Kroenke all of a sudden is an unbelievably good looking man, in comparison to the Frankenstone. That and he’s evidently smarter. Yours truly is still not in favour of any takeover, at this point in time, but you just have to favour the prettier boy, in today’s clandestine society.

Football news: Carlos Vela is off to Osasuna. Good for him, I say – a Primera club who I randomly chose in Manager mode for FIFA07 (yes, I realise PES is phenomanally better, but I don’t have it, ‘kay?) – and it must be said they have an awesome colour scheme on their kits. So thumbs up for the fashion decision, Carlos.

And Reyes is being courted by Lyon, now. Heh. Maybe they’ll pay that £10m we’ve all been looking for. French league for you, Senor…

It’s sickening that the Arsenal news available is just churning out crap about Formula One. My greatest fears have been realised. I really do hate that ‘sport’.

Stay warm. And cool.


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