The Board Stands Firm

Cough, splutter, spuke. Jogging kills.

Keith EdelmanWe’ll start with some Edelman-bubbly. In an interview stemming from the official site, Keith had this to say about the buy-out debacle:


“You see talk about Arsenal needing a billionaire owner to put more money into the Club but Arsene has always said, and the board also believe, that a football club can only really be run from the revenues that it generates itself over the long term.”

A fitting quote from Keith Edelman that sums up exactly why Arsenal must resist a takeover at all costs. Given a year and a half, this club will reap the rewards of the huge risk it took by moving stadiums, and experience profit margins allowing us to compete with the Milans and Man U’s of the world. Like Myles Palmer once said, no club in the world could have done what Arsenal have done, and probably ever will, and pull it off so effectively. Doesnt everyone just love how Mr Palmer completely contradicts that now with the ‘Arsenal need Kroenke’ rubbish?

In other news, in yet another quiet day – Freddie might actually be going, again, now, again, to the Hammers this time. £3m is cited, and they’re offering his wages. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, here.

And some Little Englander news makes it into the mainstream, for once.

It’s all I have, for now. University starts again, today. Shower, breakfast, train. Here I go.


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