I Finally Have a Headline with Senderos In It

So Ljungberg left with some sour comments aimed at the club, keeping up the fashionable “I hate Arsenal” being spouted by a host of ex-players and departures. He’s been unveiled as West Ham’s Numero Seven, incidently – I always said over the years he was the poor man’s Beckham, though that was more down to the Calvin Klein rubbish.

SenderosNews of the day is awarded to the Senderos-to-Juve rumour that’s popped up again. Juventus are seeking to replace Man City’s purchase of Chiellini, who (get this) signed for £6.75million. If Chiellini *snigger* is worth that, Senderos is worth £10million, easily. Not quite what Juve are offering, though. I would be very disappointed to see him leave – a young defender who has staggering potential, apart from what the doom-mongers have to say, and showed this immensely in 04/05, 05/06 (Champions League, much?), and had second-season syndrome a season late in 06/07. So we’re dropping him? I’d very much be surprised to see him go, though it’s worrying that I can’t find him in the pre-season training photos anywhere. Mark Randall does look like the token Francis Jeffers-lookalike every team must have, though.

Wenger has given an excellent interview in light of Ljungberg’s departure, the most telling quotes for me is this: “It’s unbelievable how much money has been spent. There’s a lot of money out there and I’m just looking to develop the players we have here…..Whenever I look at a potential new player, the question I always ask myself is: ‘Is he good enough to win the League?’ If he isn’t, I don’t buy him.”
Well said, Arsene. And he’s exactly right. I just hope there’s a galactic-championship-winger in the pipeline somewhere. Again – the figure spent is completely irrelevant, and the money spent by Man Utd, Liverpool, and even Chelsea on Malouda has enormous potential to be quite embarrassing in the medium term. Of course, not buying the right players for us has exactly the same potential.

An interesting revelation into the patchiness of Myles Palmer’s memory: My question is…’what kick in the face?’. Le Sigh.

In other news, Gouffran is staying with Caen (quote end quote), Nordtveit is quite the fashionista, van Persie is targeting the Emirates Cup as A Sort of Homecoming (to quote U2), Traore is relishing the clash with PSG himself, and Kolo is the party boy we all knew him to be.

Red Bull SalzburgAnd it’s Salzburg later today. 2-0 in the first match, 3-0 in the second, …anyone up for 4-0? A few more ‘mass substitutions’ expected in this one. It really depends on how the first half goes, one would think. So long as everyone’s getting fit and and not getting injured, unlike those little ‘rivals’ down in Durban. Oh well.

Stay well, my fine Gooner chums. And that pesky Liverpoodle I love so much.



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8 responses to “I Finally Have a Headline with Senderos In It

  1. besor

    Senderos is too mistake prone. I, for one wont be losing any sleep if he departed.His lack of pace is crucial in premiership and he cover it up by fouling the opponent just outside the penalty box and we shit in defending set pieces.
    I think we already have a good cover in the centre in Djourou and , by the way it seems, Nordveit.Even Gilberto can play there much better than him. I say sell him and round up the money to buy a decent WINGER.

  2. Mrs Imzlda Senderos

    Philippe Senderos had an average season last time, mainly due to recovery from injury and confidence. The truth is that he is a sound Tony Adams style defender and will be required cover for injuries. Also Ebouea nd Touré will be going off to the ACN in January. Nortveidt? Please… He’s 17 and has played 9 times at senior level, in Norway what’s more. He’s one for 2010-2011. Until then he’ll be on a learning curve in the Carling cup.

  3. besor

    i’m not suggesting that Norveiedt play every game. I said he is a decent cover rather than Senderos. Senderos is just disaster waiting to happen and you can almost expect he fuck up some time in a match and it cost us the game.

    So what if Nortveidt is 17?What age is Cesc when he broke into first team? he never appeared in senior team before arrive at Arsenal.

  4. jammathon

    Senderos broke into the team at 18. Slightly contradictory example. His partnership with Toure is much better than Gallas’ partnership. Give the kid some time – as cover for any injuries, he could yet again prove himself.

    And thanks for that link, MagicHat. My fears abated… 😉

  5. TonyB

    I’ve never been convinced by Cygan . .. sorry, Senderos.

    He is incredibly mistake-prone and was absolutely destroyed by Drogba last season. What Wenger was thinking about I have no idea.

    I’m not convinced he’s a 1st teamer, but would be ample cover for the top 3 in that position, until the new kid Nordveit is ready (not convinced he’s ready now, although the pre-season reports seem to suggest he might be).

    Anyhoo . . . if we can finally ditch Reyes to someone for anything like the double-figured millions being cited, then I’ll be well happy. Hopefully, Le Boss will then open up his purse and get a couple of players (I have no suggestions at the moment) in to cover our wings . . not convinced by the current crop of ‘wingers’.

  6. steelyboy


  7. What’s with the Quaresma rumours, I wonder?

    If you look at Wenger’s signings, you’ll see that all the players have quick feet.
    Let me repeat — quick feet — not necessary dribblers like Quaresma, Mancini, and C. Ronaldo. And by ‘quick feet’, I don’t mean Lennon. He is quick, has a single trick for full backs, and does not have a good close control over the ball.

    Wenger’s players usually have an excellent close control over the ball, and have the ability to maneouvre the ball at high speed (remember Overmars, Kanu, Henry, and Pires). The current team: Rosicky, the much unappreciated Hleb, Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas, Gilberto, Toure, and Clichy — all possess this ability.

    This is the primary reason why Arsenal have such cool composure when on the ball.