Not Quite 4-0, and Djourou

Sleep was non-existent, last night. As a result, this post will be short but sweet.

So Arsenal lose their final Austrian friendly against a side whose season is already underway, finishing on the wrong side of a 1-0 scoreline. Interesting notes on the match included Eduardo’s first full 90 minutes for Arsenal – in which he was the main threat throughout the match, though the back of the net didn’t seem to mind much, though – Rosicky’s early withdrawal on 30 minutes, Eboue being played on the right wing, Gallas as captain and Djourou’s withdrawal.

As mentioned, Eduardo was pacy and dangerous at times, and on a number of occassions should/would/could have scored. Bendtner had a good moment or two when brought on as well, but it’s not like the ego’s stinging from losing a friendly. Rosicky’s the only worry, and we await news on his injury for the time being. Fabregas was also pulled out of the match beforehand with a knee injury, but the seriousness of it is still somewhat vague. For the moment, everyone else seems unscathed.

Djourou’s withdrawal is interesting, given the constant links with Birmingham. We cannot afford to lose anymore players, particularly Djourou, and our backup is thin as it is. Djourou is part of that, and I can’t see him leaving. Expect me to be running around rooms waving arms frantically if he does, though.

On a completely unrelated note: Feel glad for Frank Lampard’s sake he doesnt play for West Ham anymore

And at this moment here, that is all for now. More news on Rosicky and Fabregas when it comes.

Until times of less political duress…



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4 responses to “Not Quite 4-0, and Djourou

  1. besor

    shit performence.i know its only freindly but arent they profesional footballer?tehy should win all their games they play in, especially against minnow teams like Salzburg and the starting eleven is almost our first eleven next season. squad look thin indeed.

    Wenger said after the game that we should have scored 5 goals before Salzburg’s goal and moaning, yet again about defensive opponent. Well, expect a lot of that comment after away games next season.He still cluless on how to break dfensive opponent.i’m afraid next season gonna be same old…same old..

  2. TonyB

    Chin up, chap!

    There’s nothng like a beating to focus your attention, although I do still worry about our defensive weaknesses of last season coming back to haunt us. It’s strange, considering how strong we used to be in the 90’s at the back . .. I can’t believe that much has changed on the coaching side – but then again, what the hell do I know?

    The bright point appears to be Eduardo was a constant thorn in the side of the opposition. I think we need to appreciate that this was his first full 90 mins and, generally, players take 6-9 months to gel into a team!

    If he’s as dangerous in the league games, it may just open the space up for RvP. But, once again, having said that . .. . I’m not convinced who our first choice front 2 are . … Fulham will be an interesting game.

    I’m still convinced we have a couple of players on the way in . .. bide your time my pretties!

  3. besor

    sure hope you right TonyB. Eduardo does like pretty good. Maybe he just need to find his shooting boot that he left at Croatia !

  4. Dgob

    besor, I’m still confused by comments such as “He [Wenger’s] still cluless on how to break defensive opponent.” It seems to sit along side claims such as “He cannot organise a defence,” which I have heard various SkySports pundits toss around.

    The double seasons saw us score in every match and produce an incredble home record. In Premiership history, only one manager managed to go unbeaten for an entire season [Wenger]. I think this suggests that the issues are not tactical or about his ability so much as about personnel, their responses and (maybe) a little luck.