Winging it with William

Gooooood morning, Goonerdom.

Somethings can slightly pique my nerves. Ever so slightly. One of those things are the things said by Wenger about ‘not replacing Ljungberg’. *gulp*…bit of a worry, chaps? The opinion on this site is that wingers are needed, and then some, so Wenger saying this could mean two things – One: it’s a smokescreen to stop the media from linking Arsenal to all wingers in sundry, lowering the price before the ‘surprise, surprise’ sneaky-move by Arsene for exactly that; or Two: he kind-of means it. ‘Maybe there’s no other Ljungberg’, or some such-like thing. Or perhaps he’s happy with what he’s got. This will be the third season with such a contentment, and the vultures will really be circling if he’s going to settle for no replacements. We wait in hope. “But it is too early to say…”, says Wenger – little tease, isn’t he?

The other mini-controversy that’s come about was the naming of William Gallas as captain for the match yesterday, and Wenger’s pondering the longevity of such an installment. It was an interesting choice, but seeing as Gilberto captained with distinction for the majority of last season, Wenger will find it hard (as will all of us) to ignore this experience. He’s captain of Brazil, for crying out loud.

Before too many slag Gallas off too much (and by no means am I a huge fan of his, but still), bare in mind that Gallas had a method to his madness in those outbursts last season. I’m particularly remembering the mention of abandoning Arsenal’s zonal marking system for a man-to-man. If anyone knows what he’s talking about there, it’s William. Kolo Toure should be captain before Gallas ever gets it, and Gilberto is still the resounding first-preference for me, but Gallas stepping in as captain for the odd match might just see some kind of ‘difference’ to the defence. Cynically, we’ve seen a huge difference to our defence, in that since William got transfered here, we’ve been leaking goals all in sundry (yes, that’s right, after Senderos got dropped with World Cup injury). I still think Arsene will give the armband to Gilberto.

Alex Hleb talks about his need to ‘be more selfish’ in this article, and most would nod appreciatively. Not much more needs to be said about that; it’s good to see Hleb is aware of his faults as a player, and is trying, at least, to improve on them. I’m still of the belief we’ll be seeing a better Hleb this season. Whether that just means more assists, or a handful of goals, either or would be fine.

And then of course, there’s little Jose Antonio Reyes. Something must have irked him in London that he so desperately wants to get out, even as far as Lyon. Real pity, in a way, if you think of his late-03/04, early-04/05 form, which was quite incredible.

We’ll all go cry for Argentina, now.



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5 responses to “Winging it with William

  1. besor

    Not replacing Ljunberg? Is he out of his mind? We not even manage to replace Pires yet for cryin out loud.and that was 2 season ago !

  2. Samuel

    I think it is a case of there not being “another Ljungberg” out there and instead he will get a very different player to man the wings. Like how Eduardo and Henry are totally different players – he wasn’t replacing Henry, he got someone maybe more appropriate for the squad in 2007.
    I don’t think we have to worry about Gallas getting the armband too often but I agree that maybe it is good he is taking on more responsibility. He seems to have big ideas about how he can improve Arsenal and for him to be allowed to make it happen – we should trust a world class defender just to see if it succeeds.
    I think Hleb – especially knowing that Walcott is old enough and good enough to take his place in the next year (Fabregas got a starting berth at 17, why not Walcott at 18?) – will dramatically improve next season. Even more so if we get another winger, and with Eboue also going forward and Randall possibly being promoted, he will have alot more players vying for his place if he doesn’t succeed than last year. Last season we had Rosicky for half a season, Ljungberg for a quarter, Hleb, a half-fit Walcott maning the wings, if we sign someone, or even we don’t, we will still be more potent.

  3. TonyB

    Hummmm . ..

    Greetings from gay Paris . .. doing some work here over the weekend.

    Anyhoo, I’ve just seen a quote from Mark Randall, who at the ripe old ago of 17 is eyeing a place in the first team or is equally up for a move out on loan to gain first team experience.

    Aren’t those two options miles apart?

    It’s one thing getting first team experience, but another one ENTIRELY gaining it in the Arsenal team. I’d noted he was with the squad in Austria and, as in another blog I read (can’t remember, so apologies to the author) I thought that there was no way in the world this lad would be getting first team appearances for the Arsenal. Much more likely is that he’s been asked to play there, temporarily, until Le Boss can get a left-sided winger in who IS ready for the first team. Tha way, the rest of the team can get used to the shape/options, etc.

    I wouldn’t want to entertain the thought for one minute that this kid, as good as he may be, would be in our starting 11 or anywhere near the bench.

    Something to look out for nonetheless.

    Gallas as captain . .. nah, not for me. He’s just not ‘Arsenal’ enough for me. I thought I’d love im when he signed, but his persistent bitching and whining has pissed me off, no matter how well intentioned it was.

    And so, to the weekend . ….

  4. old Timer

    Sorry fellas I cant agree, Freddie was past it and the boss struck a bargain. Suggest you read Billy’s article on his web site, don’t take what the media put out. He was by no means as bad as articles have been printed, his comments were logical and to the point. Noticed doing the round again but on more than one media link that Angel Di Maria could be on his way to us. Age is not that important when you consider Ces was just 16 when we used him and Rooney was not much older; its the ability that counts. By the way was that a clever pun don’t cry for me cry for Argentina, see that Angel come from Argentina??

  5. kiki.manga

    I believe that like a lots of arsenal fan, one part of me ( the one which remember how many game we should have won last year ) believe that we don’t need much change in order to mount a serious challenge for the title. The other part of me, the one who listens to much to the media, think that we will be out of the top 4.

    Our 11 is as good as any and all we need now is all of them to push together and reach the potential that we all saw last year.