So Long Reyes, and Winning Things…

Jogging in winter makes you remember that hands are indeed ‘extremities’.

A quick blog today. Most of the news circles around Robin van Persie, as he goes on the PR rampage in upping Arsenal’s title-tilting chances this season. Robin apparently doesn’t feel any pressure or obligation to be the top scorer this season, saying he ‘doesn’t plan’ on the goals he scores. “You play to win things, yes. But I play football because I like it. I will destroy that feeling if I say to myself I have to score at least 20 goals or 15 goals. Things have to come out of nothing and this is what happened against Inter. I wasn’t expecting that goal. It just came out of nothing.

Upon watching his goal again, it occured to me: Even Christiano Ronaldo hasn’t done anything quite that good. It was too subtle for him.

More RVP, more get-on-up-you-gooners talk. He’s really bringing out his youth in his quotes, here – but by the sounds of both him and Cesc, there’s a bit of fire growing in this team’s furnace: “Football is not about age. It is not about money. It is not about those things. Football is about if you want to run for each other, if you want to fight for each other, if you want to really play some ball.”

Cesc reiterates, making a chuckle-worthy comment about what the opposition said during the run of play: “Some of the Inter players were saying during the game, ‘Don’t make me run so much, you play so well’. If some players from Inter say that, it means something. We have a very young squad but we’re not scared of anything and want to win things.” Cesc also makes the mention of having a ‘big squad’, replacing those that get injured. More signings?

Well, firstly, Reyes is off, and much to the fans chagrin, he will not be getting a testimonial match. After years and years of faithful service, the hard-working, battlehardened, never-to-complain Jose A. Reyes is being scuppered off to Athletico Madrid, for a reported £8m. Somebody sack Wenger. Sack him now.

We’re also being continually linked with Chelsea’s Lassana Diarra.  I really haven’t got a clue how he’d fit into the side, utility player or not. Also, it’s worth mentioning that even in the Sky Sports article, absolutely no quotes from anyone are to be found. Expect him to go to Blackburn, Man City or the like.  That, and Kerrea Gilbert is off on a six-month loan to Southend. Not Birmingham, or Norwich, or Wolves – Southend. So begins the end of the Englishman’s Arsenal career, alas – With the famous, chilling words: “Everyone at Arsenal FC would like to wish Kerrea the best of luck for his time with Southend.” Brrr.

That’s about all for today. Hopefully the spamming will stop – comments are allowed only for previously approved IPs. First-timers will be moderated, but even if you’re a Spurs fan coming to tell me how awesome Chimbonda is, you’ll still more than likely get on. I’m just not interested in Franco, ‘tsall. Ciao.



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2 responses to “So Long Reyes, and Winning Things…

  1. besor

    finally!! seems like ages ago reyes demand a transfer. now, proceed to find and sign a new winger. we seems successfully get rid of all the player we dont need anymore. now the hard part. find the replacement and find them fast. !! almost all decent players already out of the market.
    diarra? not in a thousand years !! do we really need chelsea reject? no way. we already over crowded in the mid of the park. buy a WINGER for f*ck sake!!!

  2. Samuel

    Yeah! Sack Wenger for selling a player who didn’t really want to be here for an OK price! What a bastard! What has this 3 time Premiership winning manager ever done for us huh?

    Anyways… it seems lots of arsenal blogs have had problems with spammers lately, hope it works out ok, I like reading this blog and would hate to see it ruined.

    Also, who would you like to see as a Reyes replacement? Personally I’d go Mancini. Diarra is a good player but unneeded at the moment in either of his positions – would have no problem with him coming but it seems a waste and you know, not actually happening.