Quiet on the North London Front

Absolutely no news to speak of this morning.

Unless you count Fabianski wanting to challenge for the Numero Uno this season. Good to hear, though that’s kind-of why we bought him in the first place. Expect Lehmann to continue between the sticks this season, though Fabianski should pounce on any drops in form. I still think Almunia will be the cup keeper.

Our possible opponents in the Champions League 3rd Qualifying round can be found here. I’ve got money on us facing FH Hafnarfjördur, myself. Those two legs are played on the 14th/15th August and 27th/28th, meaning the Newcastle away game will be rescheduled, for those that didn’t already know. That draw is this Friday.

And Arsenal.com posted some nice things said by Cesc, but it’s all very similar to yesterday’s van Persie fair.

Guess it was just a quiet day? Hopefully we sign 5 players tonight. I feel it in the wind.

Until another time….



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2 responses to “Quiet on the North London Front

  1. old timer

    If we get through the qualifying rounds are we a seeded team like last year??

  2. Old Timer,

    Yes – we’re in the Top Group of seeds if we get through. For the qualifiers, my money is on a long haul flight to the Ukraine or Moscow…