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Workers Unite as Red (and blue) Army Wins Again

…how about 24 hours late?

Bendtner celebratesApologies for no blog yesterday. It was simply impossible, and expect tomorrow’s to be late/speculative as well. But mere blips in what will be regular service soon. Damn weddings.

So Arsenal earn five points for beating Lazio and scoring 2 goals last night in their 2-1 win over the Nazis. Bendtner opened the scoring in rather cool fashion, and Eduardo gave thanks to the Home Office on fifty-five minutes.

The game swung in terms of dominance throughout the match, but what is still worth noting is how bloody young the side were – Almunia at 30, and Hoyte and Eduardo as the ‘seniors’ at 24. Senderos captained the side for the first time in his career, and by all accounts, did well both in this faculty and in central defence.  Rosicky returned from injury after replacing Clichy in the second half – and fluffed a goal chance fifteen minutes from full time. In rather Hleb-like-fashion, he chose to pass the ball onto Hoyte instead of firing in himself. Hoyte, in at too sharp an angle, did well to cross-shoot off the bar like he did. Still…time to figure it all out, we hope.

After the game, Senderos backed ‘his team’ (power!) to surprise everyone this season. I love the peptalk, it’s great hearing this from so many players, but let’s face facts. Telling all in sundry that we’re going to surprise you a hundred times does mean that the end result might not be that surprising. Maybe our rivals will be very polite and act surprised come May. We all hope.

The news will probably get thicker later in the day: van Persie sucks up to Ajax-man Schneider, Kanoute is linked (by tribalfootball) to Arsenal, and Diarra is a lump of flesh.

More travelling for me today. No rest for the wikka.


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