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They’re All Spiky these Days

Morning, young lovers.

van Persie has gone very schizo in today’s papers, labeling Ljungberg as ‘weak’ after the former-Gunner accused Arsenal of a lack of ambition. Robin shouts from the top of the hills: “If you’re coming up with excuses about Thierry’s departure and promises from the club it’s weak. He had a fantastic period here, so say nice things.

Yeah, Freddie, say nice things. Nice and cliquey, I’ll-tell-on-you stuff that we all love in preseason. Well, I do now. Robin, as you may recall, got stretchered off soon after his goal in the Ajax match, but was seen walking quite well at the trophy presentation. Wenger remarks that “He is OK. The first signs are not too bad. He was kicked on the foot he injured last year. We will hope for the best. He walked out [of the stadium afterwards] but we’ll see how he reacts.

That quote can be found here, in Wenger’s post-Ajax thoughts. An interesting quote on the Toure/Gallas partnership, saying “Our two centre backs went forward a lot and I encourage them to do it. We want to go forward. When we won the ball tonight, Ajax recovered quickly and went behind the ball. We needed the defenders to make a difference and, of course, Clichy made the goal.” Going forward a lot? Well, here’s hoping for the ideal opposition. I remember the 01/02 side with Campbell/Keown/Adams always hogging the halfway line. Those were the days. Goodness; they’re all English…

Transfer rumours in the form of Gilberto to Valencia for £10m. I think with too much ageing, Claude Makelele has dipped in the defensive midfielder stakes (though make no mistake, that man wrote the book on the position), and Gilberto’s taken over the world’s-best mantle: Captain of Arsenal (we hope), captain of Brazil, and had an incredible season last term. Ten million for a 30 year old? Truth be told. Still, expect Wenger to knock that one back, and for good reason.

He is very clever. He has a lot of skill and will do well for Arsenal this season.” So say the words of Cesc Fabregas, who believes Eduardo will prove to be a great signing for Le Arse. Here’s to that, Cescy.

That’s all for today. University starts once more for the week, and have to go justify my loan payments.

Au’voir to you all.


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