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Garry’s Picking Cherries

Not that much news today. Just a few bits and bobs on things most of us already know.

Bits and bobs like Ryan Garry’s Arsenal career, which is on the beginning of its end, it would seem. He has accepted a five-month loan to join Bournemouth – you might remember promising midfielder John Spicer joining them as well, never to return. I only remember John Spicer because he turned out as one hell of a player in Championship Manager one time, but then I’m sure they all do, don’t they?

In other ‘news’, Wenger has stated his pleasure in van Persie’s transformation from winger to striker. Wenger has noted how individualistic Robin used to be, but how much more integrated he is within the team. He says: “Like any talented player, he is always worried about individual skills but he has improved and, for me, become a complete team player.

And it is quite evident. There’ll be a big onus on Robin to score the majority of the season’s goals, in spite of his ‘Im not out to score goals’ comments. What I would imagine that all means is that he’s going to rely on them to naturally flow on from his game, instead of getting too mentally hung up about it. And that’s the best way to do it, quite honestly. You cannot plan for the kind of goal he scored against Inter, that just happened. All one can do is expect to unexpect. Tantalizing, indeed.

Another striker, however, is not exactly ready for the big-time, according to Wenger. The rule has been run over Nicklas Bendtner, who is quite open minded about his need to improve. Wenger says “Nicklas is not completely ready to start in the Premier League and I wanted to give him as many games as I could in pre-season to help him understand what is needed.” I’ve said before that I really like the kid’s ego. For a striker, it’s a healthy thing to have (not megalomania, mind you), and we all  hope Bendtner can fine tune his game to something effective.

David Healy of Fulham and Northern-Ireland fame is considering the chances of an upset over Arsenal this coming Saturday. The Northern-Irish are giant-killing specialists, it would seem, and it’s never beyond the realm of possibility that we could fluff our lines in our opening fixture. The way pre-season has gone, and the way Hleb has increased our options on the left flank and down the middle (what looks to be an increasingly likely European tactic) should mean we have enough in the bag to beat Fulham. Spurs could definitely take a leaf out of Fulham’s book when it comes to kit-design, though. The Cottagers’ nike kit is actually quite fab, in my opinion.

And that’s that, for now. Shall see you all on the morrow, wont I?


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