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The Contemplations of Alex

 A lovely, cold morning to nearly kill me once more…

AdebayorAdebayor reckons that he’ll be fit in time for the Blackburn-away game come August 19. The lanky striker is currently nursing a groin injury that sees him miss the Fulham and Sparta Prague games. I would have hoped he’d have gotten a sub appearance for Prague, but it seems too soon for him. Some match practice would be ideal before Blackburn, as I’m very unsure whether Eduardo should start in a north-west game. Cross that bridge when we come to it, I say.

Speaking of Sparta Prague, the fixtures are confirmed for the Wednesday, which is sensible. Seeing as Fulham’s on this coming Sunday, to play two days later would be taxing to a Scandinavian degree.

In a very much derided story around the net, Alex Hleb is ‘dreaming’ of netting ten goals this coming season. To go against the grain of other blogs for a moment, I’d say don’t laugh, just yet. Hleb knows he needs to shoot more, and I also have a feeling this entails shooting from distance. Someone has to go out trying in the side, it may as well be him. From the rare times we’ve seen him have a go, his shot is heavy enough to warrant him trying. Is ten goals possible? It’s hard to agree with that kind of number, though five would be a good start to build upon. Either way, I sense a slight indication that the trio of Hleb, Fabregas and Rosicky will be ‘having a pop’ at least once each per match.

Some transfer gossip for you: Hoyte is being targeted (again) by Aston Villa, Luka Modric will reportedly set us back £11million (we need Diarra more than we need him), and the premiership Big4 ™ are after ‘the next Maradona’, ver.82.3. So what’s that, Ayala, Crespo, Tevez, Messi…who else am I forgetting that was the next God’s-left-hand?

Finally, an interesting little piece to consider in the Online Gooner.

And that’s all for today. Tonight I’ll be fixing up some bells and whistles for a pre-season preview, post-Ajax, as such. Or maybe call it something else. Who knows.

Stay well in the meantime.



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