The Contemplations of Alex

 A lovely, cold morning to nearly kill me once more…

AdebayorAdebayor reckons that he’ll be fit in time for the Blackburn-away game come August 19. The lanky striker is currently nursing a groin injury that sees him miss the Fulham and Sparta Prague games. I would have hoped he’d have gotten a sub appearance for Prague, but it seems too soon for him. Some match practice would be ideal before Blackburn, as I’m very unsure whether Eduardo should start in a north-west game. Cross that bridge when we come to it, I say.

Speaking of Sparta Prague, the fixtures are confirmed for the Wednesday, which is sensible. Seeing as Fulham’s on this coming Sunday, to play two days later would be taxing to a Scandinavian degree.

In a very much derided story around the net, Alex Hleb is ‘dreaming’ of netting ten goals this coming season. To go against the grain of other blogs for a moment, I’d say don’t laugh, just yet. Hleb knows he needs to shoot more, and I also have a feeling this entails shooting from distance. Someone has to go out trying in the side, it may as well be him. From the rare times we’ve seen him have a go, his shot is heavy enough to warrant him trying. Is ten goals possible? It’s hard to agree with that kind of number, though five would be a good start to build upon. Either way, I sense a slight indication that the trio of Hleb, Fabregas and Rosicky will be ‘having a pop’ at least once each per match.

Some transfer gossip for you: Hoyte is being targeted (again) by Aston Villa, Luka Modric will reportedly set us back £11million (we need Diarra more than we need him), and the premiership Big4 ™ are after ‘the next Maradona’, ver.82.3. So what’s that, Ayala, Crespo, Tevez, Messi…who else am I forgetting that was the next God’s-left-hand?

Finally, an interesting little piece to consider in the Online Gooner.

And that’s all for today. Tonight I’ll be fixing up some bells and whistles for a pre-season preview, post-Ajax, as such. Or maybe call it something else. Who knows.

Stay well in the meantime.



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2 responses to “The Contemplations of Alex

  1. Dgob

    I was among the fans allowed to watch the first team training session yesterday (tues 7th August) and Adebeyor took full part and looked fit. I think it is likely that he will be back for Blackburn. Gilberto started training alone and was mostly working on his fitness. Hopefully, he can return by Blackburn or maybe the following weekend at the latest. Grounds for optimism on what I am certain will be a good season.

  2. besor

    good 2 hear Dgob. hopefully everyone is raring to go 4 new season.

    as for hoyte, i say, accept the bid!! he’s too average and not up to Arsenal standard and we lucky to get anyone interested in him. I think gilbert is much better than hoyte