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Theo, Willy and Eddie…

A very good morning to all the Millwall fans out there. May your draughts taste doughty and humourous.

On with the show, and the news merely focuses around the jibber-jabber of three players.  The first is van Persie upping the prospects of young Theo Walcott this coming season. Van MacManimus Persie says: “When we were doing tests over the summer it was very hard. We were running every day with the fitness coach and I could see it in (Theo’s) face he was really going for it. His ambition is one of the biggest things about him. He is just 18, but I see in him a big, big desire to achieve his goals.

And by goals, I hope he means goals. Not too many people are expecting much out of Theo this season, I must say. If anything, he could be a surprise package coming round the corner, surprising to his own fans, even. I await with gleeful anticipation.

William Gallas is really talking big, now – we’re meaner, tougher, action-packed, and now come with free Family-meal toys for the kids as well. Soon, there’ll be a movie deal, and you can get your own little Android-Denilson figurines when you buy the DVD. In stores now. In short – the team’s toughening up, and “working for each other” more. There definitely is a sense eminating from player interviews that something has changed on the training ground – people cite the departure of Henry. Maybe it has caused this. All it leaves us with is excitement for the coming season. ‘Ave a go, lads.

Eduardo, on the other hand, is a little more cautionary with regards to his starting out in England.I’d give him three league matches to get going. What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised that after three matches of ‘adjustment’, the tabloids start harping on about a failed signing. These things happen. But with this type of player, once he lets loose, he’ll let loose. Im trying to avoid any comparison to Baptista as much as possible. But Eduardo’s a smarter signing than Le-Julio. To annoy the little-englanders out there, this quote will do: “There are only three Englishmen in the Arsenal squad so another foreigner is nothing new to supporters.” Altogether now: *roll eyes*.

I have it from numerous emails and a one or two comments [thank you, Dgob] that Adebayor was quite fit and able in Arsenal’s last training session. Who knows, he may even be ready for the Sparta game at this rate. Fingers crossed.

And a quick note out to Myles who lists Hleb placed behind van Persie as ‘cowardly’…no, Myles. It’s street-smart. Particularly in Europe. Go on and get over yourself.

All for now. Play safely.



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