Gallas is Captain – Blow us all down.

This blog is being written completely in the nude, for those who would love to know.

William Gallas, the centre-back of Chelsea fame, is the new Arsenal captain.

Shall I say again?

William Gallas, the ex-Chelsea defender, is the new Arsenal captain.

The statement has been confirmed on, with Wenger repeating that “centre back is always the best position to lead on the pitch and it is Gallas who has more experience at the back“. Okay, fair enough. But I cant imagine how peeved Gilberto must be at this – either peeved or somewhat worried. Which is exactly reflected by most Arsenal fans, I’m sure. It concerns me, though I have no doubting Gallas’ experience.

What kind of captain will he be? Certainly not an Henry – I can see Gallas as an agressive captain, giving his teammates a good bollocking probably every match. Now, you might remember comments from Cesc Fabregas last season about how some players are going to need this, how certain players are afraid to criticize or be criticized, and Gallas will provide that.


(God, Gallas divides opinion…), …but, it’s William Gallas. The man who’s said put his foot in his mouth too many times to be funny last season. A player who, for all his pedigree, has yet to give us at least one groundbreaking performance (the best game of his was against Porto at home, probably – especially with that ‘terrific adventure’ leading up to the second goal, but that’s it). Perhaps he needs the responsibility. Perhaps he requires the pressure of commanding ‘kids’ into a string of wins, taking games by the scruff of the neck. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

“Arsene Knows” now takes its cue to drift on by.

I guess we’ll really see come Fulham. Fingers crossed.

In other news, have revealed that the 49 game unbeaten run ranks as Arsenal’s No.1 historic moment. Hard to argue, really. A very misleading headline from the Daily Mail reveals that Eduardo is adapting slowly but surely to English life, and Adebayor and Gilberto are confirmed as ‘out’ for the Fulham opener. Oh, and Rosicky is being courted by Milan, or something.



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2 responses to “Gallas is Captain – Blow us all down.

  1. besor

    Gilberto is a decent captain, better than Henry, but not the best available option. Gallas for me is the best choice. i think what Gallas has to do now is to show to Arsenal supporters that he is a gunners thru and thru and win the fans heart. I think majority of the Arsenal fans still doubting his commitment to the club and if he can show his absolute commitment, then the fans will support his appointment all the way

  2. TonyB

    I’ve no real problem with having a shouty captain and I don’t even mind that he used to play for Chelski.

    What does concern me is the possibility that these £x million “bids” for Gilberto might have something to do with it. I don’t really want to lose a player of his ability or experience – he’s Brazil’s captain, after all.

    It’d certainly explain the Diarra rumors too.

    Anyhoo, I guess we’ll know more in 3 weeks when the transfer door bangs shut. Talking of which, when is the Champs League deadline for signings? Anyone?