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Djourou’s off; So are the Pundits.

Busy day today, and the Premier League starts for almost every other team, apart from us. The bastards.

We’ll start off with the news that Johan Djourou has moved to Birmingham on loan until January. A debatable ‘oops’, in my opinion. From what I hear, Sagna can fill in at centreback, as can Gilberto, as can (whisper it) Alex Song. So Djourou goes out and gets first team experience and is back for January run in, and we can cover, with Senderos as first deputy, with Gilberto and Sagna champing at the bit, I’d imagine. I cannot see Hoyte getting sold after this, though. At least for the current season. Either way, it does thin the squad out more, and as of yet there’re no sniffs of anything as to a winger or striker coming in neither. Watch something happen once I’ve finished today’s post, though…

Wenger has spoken to Arsenal.com with more pep-talk, which makes a fantastic contrast to the attitudes being spun around before the Emirates Cup: “If you come within our squad, you will see that there is a big contrast between how we see our situation and how our environment sees our situation.” And this is the inkling I’ve had all along. With mental belief, you can achieve anything. I am convinced this team can go places this season, but more importantly, Wenger and his team are convinced of the same fact. They’re the ones who count, in the end.

The most hilarious / annoying crap on the internet today is Skysportsbonanza‘ of season previews. No one has predicted a winner outside of Manchester Utd’s chances – this ‘incredible squad’ that Manchester Utd has is quite invisible to me. An ageing Giggs, injury-prone Scholes, the great Michael Carrick and Mr O’Shea himself – can they repeat it all? Liverpool, overpriced signings or not, will be a thorn in both Chelsea’s and Manchester’s side, and you all know my thoughts of Arsenal. Season preview will be finished tomorrow, I promise (university remains a thorn in my own side, at present). Even this article from Sky, that has the odd ‘watch out for Arsenal’ line in it, still bases future performances on money spent / icon status – Ballack to be a ‘new player’ (too slow, remember?), Shevchenko to score twenty (Championship Manager, much?), and Manchester Utd spending big money on a kid that can do nothing but fall down. If I spend 30 million on a Kidderminster player for the hell of it, it doesnt hide the fact that he is crap. Or moderately good. Or world-beater, even. People seem to judge everything on the price tag, now. Which, if you’re an economist, is lunacy – to compare the glory days of when fudge from the tuckshop at school cost two-cents to todays $2 shows a deep, deep ignorance in modern economics. Inflation, dearies. We’re in a silly market.

Oh, that’s right: Crazy markets, as Wenger says. Lawrie Sanchez (who Skysports pundits are sledging for the drop – I’d rather see Derby, Wigan and Tottenham go down, though :D), is going on about Arsenal being there for the taking. We’ve been through this one before – always plausible, so lets just concentrate on what tactically needs to be done.

Last but not least, George Graham shares Wenger’s sentiments. I quite like what he has to say, myself.

That’s all I can manage today. The season preview, again, will be done tomorrow morning – ironically that means the first few premiership games will have already been played, but it will at least be before Arsenal’s first game.

Fingers crossed.


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