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More Stories about ‘Attitude’

Wow, a sleep-in. Saints be praised!

The stories all coming out of Arsenal are about fight, attitude, and ‘not the same team as before‘, as spouted by Gael Clichy. Almost in response to Fabregas’ tackle and then mimicking of Repka (which, whether he denies it or not, was one of Cesc’s more hilarious moments), the whole team seems to agree on the ‘lets-become-a-bit-of-a-bastard’ mentality.

It’s nothing to get disheartened over, neither. The league has changed – it is completely irrelevant that Chelsea have shipped in as many goals as they have, they’ve still got six points from two games, which is all that counts. The league has become a sprint, in which the first month or so is all about results at all costs. This is what the team need to aim for. Come October, then clean sheets and scoring streaks can be attempted, where its needed. The new found buzz attitude is encouraging to hear about so many times, if a little repetitive.

Fabregas has also gone on about how he is targeting more goals – but that assists will always remain his specialty. So that’s Fabregas and Hleb, now – time for Rosicky to pipe up a bit more, and before you know it, we’ll have a team of 5-0 hype winning 2-1 in the last minute every game! Splendid!

This article linked on from ANR is a bit much, in my view. Arsenal for once do something teams have done to them for ages, and then the whole ‘innocence lost’ tag is thrown out. The less said, the better.

Gamst-Pedersen rumours are slowing down to a halt, now, with the player looking for a new contract with Blackburn. In one of the all time great quotes, when asked whether he had made an approach for MGP, Arsene Wenger replied “No [I have not bid for him]”. The amount of times that blurb has been typed out on different publications is quite funny. For once, they couldnt get a quote out of the guy.

Onto Blackburn, then, and Eduardo is looking to make his full debut against the Rovers. His injury seems to have cleared up, and Wenger cites ‘fresh legs’ as something that will help in what is a very tricky tie. Former Gunner Don Howe says it’s tricky ties like these that decide titles. Really have to get our homework done early these days, dont we? Team news will be coming thick and fast closer to Sunday.

Although France’s team news reveals Gallas, Sagna and Diaby in their squad for next week. Fun times.

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