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Late Blog: Blackburn Preview

Apologies for my conspicuous absence: Sometimes life dictates I will be out of the house from 5am till 12pm the next day.

Straight onto Arsenal news, and Arsenal’s chances for Blackburn are fairly concerning. Rosicky is out, Eduardo likely to come off the bench, with Eboue out as well. Crick-sticks, I say. Three possibilities here: 1) Walcott starts on the wings, with Hleb remaining in strike-support with RVP up front; 2) Hleb returns to right wing with Bendtner playing alongside RVP (interesting…), or 3) Sagna plays right wing, Hleb in support-strike, and Hoyte as right back. The second option sounds interesting at the very least. Walcott as a winger for the match might be refuted with Wenger reckoning Theo will be ‘the talk of England’ soon enough in this article; Wenger mentions that there will be a fair bit of time needed for him to recover from the shoulder operation. Bang goes Walcott as a wide player for Blackburn, I say.

Mark Hughes has rabbited on about Robin van Persie becoming ‘a superstar’ after Henry. That’s gone and put the mickey on him now, hasnt it? What’s more, Brazilian coach Dunga reckons Gilberto should get to Juventus as soon as possible. Is that the Juventus with no Champions League entry to offer, Mr Dunga? International teams are really an outdated part of the game these days. Coaches enbitterments are just reflective of it these days, you think.

The squad is stretched pretty thin at the moment: I really wish Rosicky could keep fit for longer, but again, he’s out for a very tough match. Denilson returns as well, I hear – who could be used on the left wing. Or maybe that’s where Hleb goes…heh. This is why Wenger’s the manager, and I’m a pleb. ANR has a slightly more positive outlook on the match, but that could mean we’ll lose 4-0 or something. Perhaps we can sneak it by a goal, but it’s going to need a pretty comprehensive team performance.

And that’s all for now. Match report tomorrow, I promise. Come on you rip-roaring reds (and whites) {and hooped socks} {and euro-blue and reds}!!!


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