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New Signing? “Far Away, (So Close!)”

The ether is still in regards to Arsenal.

Wenger has remained coy on the subject of new signings, saying he is ‘nowhere near’ finalizing any deals. He says: “I have not found anybody. Either they do not exist, or if you go into the market and want to buy someone tomorrow, it will be at a very high price.” It’s notoriously difficult to read into most of what he says, but there could be more of an uncomfortable truth in what he says, in that frankly, we wont be buying anyone.

If it’s a matter of cost, then the £9/10m cited for Luka Modric means he’s just a fantasy signing that a) We dont need and b) Bayern Munich will buy for the hell of it. I’ve heard plenty of frustrated calls of “Why haven’t we signed Modric, yet?”, which is very contradictory. Although a very accomplished central midfielder, purchasing yet another of said accomplished midfielders to play on the wing would be back to square one. That, and he’ll cost a fortune anyway. The hunt for a winger goes on – I’m sick of the name ‘Quaresma’, because it sounds like another Nani signing now: Full of hype, with very little substance to anything. We may buy a winger, I think it’s a glaring necessity in the team. But it will more than likely be one for development who can at least give us some immediate width, and I would not be surprised if that meant an English signing. Not that that ever really mattered.

Staying with Wenger, who believes that the title race will be very close this year, and that it will include us. He says “I am confident we will be up there but with whom I don’t know. I still think [Manchester United] will recover and come back. Three games played is not a lot.” And he’s bang on. Laugh at Man Utd now, (please, do – it’s very enjoyable), but expect them to come back at some point, somehow. They’re famous for doing it. We have to concentrate on ourselves as a team, and not others. One game at a time was Wenger’s famous motto in the unbeaten season, and the next game is Manchester City at home. A winnable game – yes, they’ve been playing defensively of late, but they’ll be forced to play even more so at the Emirates, which means a change of game plan for them. For us, same old business. It may be a scrap, but it still puts us as favourites.

Finally, Fabregas talks of Lehmann’s blunder against Blackburn, very sympathetically. Cesc says “This is a team. Since the beginning of the season we said we will always be together. We are together now and we are strong. We showed that at Blackburn. There was one mistake and we lost two very important points. But it is still very early [in the season]“. It’s very cool of him to say – the debate of Lehmann rages on in other blogs, and I am for dropping him in favour of Almunia at present. The fact remains, however, that Lehmann is still our best goalkeeper by a margin, and though age may be catching up with him, one of our all-time finest. Never let it be forgotten.

All the news available today, I’m afraid. More househunting for me, though. Stay well…


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