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Jens, Willie, Theo are Dunn

Starting the day off with David Dunn feeling rather holier-than-thou in a modestly satanic way: the Blackburn-thug (not a dying breed by any means) is pleading with Wenger to ‘shut it’ for the sake of human kind, Keynesian economics and root-beer. In response to the violent-tag, he says: “Committed, yes, aggressive, yes, but they have better players than us with more ability going through the team so we have to close that gap and make it into a little bit of a battle. It’s getting a little bit funny because every time we play Arsenal, they’re the ones who say we’re violent. But we’re not, we’re committed and that’s what you would expect from any team.

Whether our own biases are clouding our judgments as to how aggressive their team really is, at least the talk got to them a bit. I frankly don’t care anymore, as we dont have to play them for any time soon to come. Of course, his whole argument is defunct with Robbie Savage being anywhere near their first XI.

The articles coming out on William Gallas’ injury are fairly misleading, given that the interview is assessing him in a France-football context. “Out ’til October” is Gallas’ verdict, which is probably correct, knowing the fixtures for Les Bleus. For Arsenal, which is all we care about, it’s about 3 weeks. Which I hope is all it stays, no more.

Jens Lehmann reckons he’ll keep his place in the Arsenal side for the next few matches, given that his mistakes were ‘simple’ ones that – I’m guessing on implication – can be corrected by the experienced pro. With Gallas now out for the next few matches, the last thing the defence needs is a new goalie to get used to as well. Jens must stay, and I’m fairly sure he’ll at least cut out on the blunders in the ‘horrendous’ category.

Finally, Wenger is surprised that Theo Walcott has not been included in the England squad, given their depleted strike force. All I can say is that such a call up might have given him the shot of confidence the kid needs, but other than that, I could not give a flying fig about the English football team. Nup. Not a sausage.

And that’s all for today. More househunting, halfway houses and hatchets. For the anger management, of course. Au’voir.


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