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Wenger, a Contract and a Honduran

In a big rush today, with the houses and whatnot. Starting straight away with the news that Wenger is very close to signing a reported £9m pound, 3-year contract with Arsenal. There is also no room for that silly get-out clause that was mentioned every now and again in the past: Wenger’s committed, and we have the genius at our disposal for the next few years yet. In the same article, it is mentioned that Wenger may insist on Gallas being treated by Arsenal physios, and not France-Football ones. Here here, Monsoir.

Wenger has also mentioned that criticism towards Arsenal over the past season or two has motivated is players. He says: “You always have your pride and you want to give a response to people who don’t believe in you. But the real strength has to come from inside the team with the values we have to be faithful to, the football we want to play and the trust we have to put in each other.

Finally, Gunneblog reports that Palacios, the Honduran winger/wing-back is on trial with Arsenal, and may sign as early as tomorrow for £2m. Always someone you dont know about, eh?

Anyways, I really have to run. Hope that will sate you all for the time being. If not, discover the avocado.


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