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Wenger’s Feeling Jol-ly

An interesting morning’s news to say the least. We’ll start with Wenger, who’s been chatty per usual leading up to the Man City game tonight. Firstly, he’s refuted any know-it-alls who are jumping to conclusions with regards to Wenger’s contract and David Dein. In response to the speculation, Wenger stated “There are no major problems. And it’s not linked with David Dein. I’m friends with David but it is not connected with my contract talks.” I did not immediately feel that such questions even deserved a response, but he’s quelled the little paranoid voice on his shoulder for now, I guess. Wenger has also come to the aid of (of all people) Martin Jol, saying the circus that is Tottenham Hotspur needs to show more patience. It’s a wonderfully philosophical article that reminds me why I like football so much.

Jumping in against Wenger, however, is the young upstart we all used to like, David Moyes. He goes on to say that Blackburn are a ‘commited’ team (euphemisms are handy things), and that Wenger generally needs to shut his trap. Being a manager of a team that are also generally made up of rednecks with very little skill themselves (Arteta, Johnson, Cahill: exempt), you’d generally feel empathy for similar teams to you. And blinded to your own similar flaws as well. Clearly the pro-Blackburn brigade just handily ignore the sock puppet that is Robbie Savage. Moving right along…

Update: Why everyone is against Wenger is beyond me.

Transfer rumours see Arsenal and Man Utd reportedly interrested in Toulouse’s Moussa Sissoko, and Mourinho (with the recent purchase of Belletti *shudder*) may be looking to offload Lassana Diarra, now.

Man CityManchester City tonight, then. League leaders, for once in their lives, and they’re not doing too badly, as some might suggest (…really?). They had a fortunate win against Man Utd at Old Trafford last time out (most wins at Old Trafford require some degree of fortune), and despite the array of new attacking talent at their disposal, they still play relatively defensively. I can see Arsenal winning this match, by hook or by crook, due to two things: One – if Man City play overly defensively, they’ll have to adapt to a very new strategy for one match, which against quality opposition could be their undoing. Gilberto, Diaby, Adebayor and Rosicky all return for the match, with Gilberto and Rosicky expected to start. Gilberto’s return could see Geovanni and Elano’s threat neutralised somewhat, and shots from distance really have to be canceled out. Secondly – if they resort to an attacking play, it will be very naive a strategy, as we should slash most teams to ribbons if this were the case. An Arsenal win? 2-0 isn’t very farfetched.

Some housekeeping before I finish – blogs may be shifted into the evenings or late afternoons from now on: That means early mornings for the European readers. Moving house sees me without internet for a month or so, and it’s libraries for me, like the good student I am. And with such an arrangement, hyperlinking to stories may be minimalised in future, so as to give you a more indepth read in the limited time we all have. The stories are all easily accessible on Newsnow, anyway.

In the meantime, all one can scream and shout is “Go you riproaring up-the-arse Red (and white)s!”.


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