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Getting Physical

Not much to report today: a redefinition of ‘slow news’, I think.

William Gallas has spoken about the need to get physical (yet again) with the upcoming Sparta Prague game.

“Sparta were physical but to be honest I think we are a physical side when we need to be. We were against Fulham and again against Sparta. I said to the players that sometimes we are going to have to play a physical game – it depends on who we are playing.”


It hints at the fact the team may start adapting tactics to different opponents, which is subtly unWenger-esque. Though it isn’t wholesale changes, more of a tactical methodology. It’s encouraging, is what I’m trying to say. The match itself should be interesting – will complacency creep in? The Emirates supporters have tended towards the European approach (particularly against Chelsea) when it comes to letting the opposition know how well they can whistle. If they can be made to feel less welcome (and I definitely include ‘not gifting them an away goal in the first five minutes’, here), it might just blunt any over-physicality Sparta might employ. I just hope this is the case, instead of letting our own players know exactly how to play football. It remains laughable, still.


On team selection, I can only hope Senderos regains fitness soon. Gilberto is not a natural central defender, and the Djourou loan has been castigated enough throughout the blogosphere. Alex Song? I shalt not rile.


An interesting article in The Times with regards to ‘the courage to fail‘. Quite liked it, myself. For now, that’s really all there is. If some news occurs later in the evening, I shall update. Stay cozy in the meantime.


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