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Preach to me, Ade…

Only a slight improvement on yesterday’s no-show with regards to news, and I say only slight…

Adebayor has spoken about his partnership with Robin van Persie and how it can make up for Thierry’s absence and then some.

Give us time. We understand each other off the pitch, so we are just trying to do it on the pitch. I hope we can score plenty of goals. I just want to do my best – if that is 15 goals or 20 goals, just as high as possible.

Another much maligned member of the squad (we have a few, these days), I’m confident Ade can hit the 15 mark at least – which is about the same as we can expect from Eduardo (note: no 30-goal fantasies from Myles Palmer, who incidentally is the leader of the anti-Adebayor bandwagon). As for van Persie, we have to be a bit more delirious and hope for 25 goals or so. It’s tough, almost too much to ask, but heck. People went bananas over Nani, why not us?

Overall, Adebayor’s interview does not reveal too much that’s new, other than the fact the team cannot underestimate Sparta Prague in tomorrow’s return leg for Champions League qualifying. Sure, two away goals is healthy, but Steau Bucharest won the Champions Cup in the eighties, i.e, anything can happen.

Arsene Wenger has spoken about Arsenal’s reasonably good start to the season, comparing it to last seasons’ troubled affairs. He says:

At this stage of last season, we had only two points and were already under mental pressure. A team like Manchester United are big enough to deal with that and come back. But we were a very young side and it was a bit too much for us. It was important to get a good start this time and we have done that.

And it’s all generally true. Man Utd’s position is quite hilarious, but make no mistake that it should only be temporary. Still, it is shooting themselves in the foot. As for us, even the ‘easy’ fixtures we have ahead of us in the form of Portsmouth, Tottenham and Derby mean we have to concentrate like foreign-exchange students in big libraries. Portsmouth and Tottenham are challenging, difficult fixtures, irrelevant of who’s hosting the match, and it’d be so bloody typical if Derby decided, ‘just for a change’, to turn up against us.

Not much else apart from the fact some blog is linking us to Urby Emmanuelson. Yawn.

Stay well in the meantime, pups.




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