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Sevilla, and “Dein-must-come-back” firmly down the loo.

Gawd, you’d thought it’d go away for once.

The new bogey-man to haunt Arsenal is a firm called Red & White Holdings Ltd , of which David Dein has now been made chairman after he sold his whole stake in Arsenal FC for £75million. Apparently, David Dein has all our best interests at heart in selling a huge chunk of the club to an investment company we’ve all long associated with Arsenal (note: sarcasm), ready for a cosy little hostile takeover. Yes, David Dein knows more about the inside workings of the club than the fans would, but can someone please demonstrate to me how (or why) we are going to use whatever ‘investment’ comes into Arsenal’s coffers? The board recently released a statement saying our profits are double the debt-repayments, and this is not even taking into account the Highbury-flats that will be sold in a few years.

The whole debacle wreaks of Dein-ego, and I’m sitting in fetal position, hands on head, singing myself to sleep in the hope that something can come good of it. None of this ‘Arsenal can be the Man Utd of the 21st century’ (Myles’ predictions are notoriously idiotic) – there is an ‘Arsena’ way of doing things, and even if that must be making your life as difficult for yourself as possible, then so be it. I’d hate for us to jump on a bandwagon for the sake of doing so.

And here, a telling quote: But there is only one club for David Dein and that is Arsenal.” If that isn’t ego, I do not know what is.

Anyways, to some less-glum news that had its limelight stolen by the orange-one – the Champions League draw happened last night, and we’re paired with Steau Bucharest, Slavia Prague and either Seville or AEK Athens. Personally, I really hope Seville gets through, just for the drawcard they present. If not, we cant really lose with AEK coming through neither, though our performances against Panathanaikos a few seasons back left much to be desired. A pretty decent draw, nevertheless.

Manuel Almunia was contemplating leaving for Spain in search of first team opportunities until Lehmann’s ‘injury’, the Daily Mail reports. Incidently, I love the photo they have – real proffesionalism if you can pull off a smile for the cameras while performing the keeper-acrobatics. Anyway, Manuel was quoted as saying:

Two weeks ago I was thinking about leaving. It’s very frustrating when you have the role of the second goalkeeper, or you are the cup goalkeeper. Now, though, I have the possibility of a few more games and I am much more happy. My life is different now. In one day, everything changes.

And here’s hoping to seeing more success to the man. And now it’s off to work – the last seconds of an open transfer window tick away all the time. Until later…



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