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Jabba the Hutt ‘in it’ for Arsenal.

Anyone excited about the internationals coming up?….anyone?

Tim Payton of the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust has expressed his wanting to meet Alisher Usmanov over continued take-over speculation. Payton is quoted as saying:

We would like to meet Usmanov and we will remind him of the responsibility his position now holds. Arsenal is about its history and its supporters. Any action by him must recognise this.

It’s all very idealist, isn’t it? “History” and “Fans” are silly little annoyances to businessmen, who will do what they must to break a profit by years end. Here’s thanking Dein repeatedly for looking out for Arsenal, as always. Danny Fitzman has come out saying he intends to stay with Arsenal and not sell his shares after next years lockdown agreement ends. The current board, by the feel of it, will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to keep power over the club. Kroenke looks to sell to the highest bidder now, and it’s unlikely that he’d get a seat on the board at all in some vain attempt to maintain the current status quo.

Onto pitch matters, and Gilberto has remarked on Wenger’s ‘penny-pinching’ policy of not signing expensive players this season, citing the familiarity the current squad now has with each other:

…while we haven’t spent a lot of money, we have been playing together for a few years now. That makes a difference in the game because we all know each other – if I pass to Cesc Fabregas he knows exactly where the forwards will be. That’s important. We must keep focused because other clubs have made some very good signings. Arsene has his policy of signing players and he does what he believes is right for the club.

 Moving along (because the last point is pretty evident, and has been discussed many times before now), William Gallas has said he will still be travelling with the France squad despite his groin injury. While he reckons he will not play, he will be getting treated by France’s medical team, and ‘sticking with the group’. Good ol’ French fraternity, I guess.

Certainly not least, Diarra is pictured on Arsenal.com‘s spread, though it is rather humerous that he’s only wearing the kit in one of the pictures, ah well. Diarra has revealed that Chelsea were waiting for him to back down and sign a new contract until Arsenal came knocking on the 11th hour, as per usual. We really should all wear capes when playing Premiership matches, you’d think.

In other news, Harry Redknapp has backed our prospects for a title challenge, and the most deserving of all players has been voted into the 2007 National Football Museum Hall of Fame by BBC viewers.

And I’m spent…


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