Eduardo the Time Bomb

While unquoted rumours of Wenger ‘barring’ David Dein abound, there is not much news floating around today. Smells like “International Spirit”, to me.

Wenger has spoken about Eduardo’s adjustment into the team, saying he’s ready to ’cause a chemical reaction between a number of elements and release energy transfers out of compacted compound constructs.’  In the article, Wenger says

Slavan Bilic told me that in his first two or three games for the national team Eduardo was a bit inhibited then he suddenly exploded…

Hark! Do I hear Wenger trying to fish for more self-vindication? Well, if it results in the team winning 5-0 every match, I’m all for it. Eduardo has looked talented thus far, his best forays coming down the wing (Walcott, much?), and it was a relief for all involved to see him open his account against Sparta Prague. What would be very nifty is to see a nice smarmy goal against Tottenham in the near future, to shut the ‘we have Darren Bent who cost the earth’ brigade once and for all. Perhaps I day dream too much.

In the only other bare threads of news, Gunnerblog has provided an excellent resource in the form of a translated Johan Djourou article, where he reveals he ‘wants to play in the Number Six shirt’ one day (Ie, he dreams of being a holding midfielder, not Senderos’ successor). It’s an interesting article, given that Wenger did not want Djourou to go (so quit complaining of ‘madness’), and how highly the player is regarded in some circles.

 Other than that, it’s time to bugger off. Frightfully cold this morning…


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