Granny-Morals Mode!

Greetings, Gooner-chums! Straight into the lack of any news at all today, with the shocking revelation that Tomas Rosicky has a dire gambling problem. Rosicky reveals:

We have talked about scoring goals in midfield — me, Cesc and Alex Hleb. We talked about preparing a bet between us.

And it really begs the question of what kind of influence these three supposed role-models are having over our young gooner-kids in this day and age. Shocking, appauling, and totally un-Krrristiaan. On an aside, here’s hoping it darn-well works.

In more important news, Arsene Wenger’s ready-to-sign contract will see him become the second highest weekly earner in the Club behind (wait for it) William Gallas. Le Boss is poised to start earning £75,000 a week (weep, people…) to see his tenure at the club stretch to 2010. More news when it’s confirmed, of course.

Some kid called Rosina has apparently attracted our interest. That’s all the due I’ll give to  weak rumours. Happy?

Now of course, onto the news you’ve all been waiting for. French youth prospect Gilles Sunu has said that he rejected offers from Chelsea and Manchester Utd to join Arsenal’s academy. In a groundbreaking interview with, he remarked:

Arsène Wenger played a big part in me coming here,” said Sunu. “He is French of course and it is easier for me to take his advice. I would like to play for his first team if it’s possible. It’s my dream, so that has to be my target.

And thank God for that. That should allay all the rumours that Gilles is off to Plymouth Argyle for the time being. Pesky media. In less hyperbolic mode, Paul Merson really, really isn’t much of a pundit.

To end off, a little media-watch. Firstly, if anyone gets up into a state over reporting like this, then they need to take a stress pill and think things over, to quote HAL9000. No attributions, just incessant mind-reading by the press.

And secondly, note the tone of this particular article here. Well, the headline in any case. Remember last season, when gearing up to play Man Utd, Liverpool and to a lesser extent, Chelsea? Not a hope in hell was afforded our way. With Spurs, easily the most hilarious team since Leeds Utd, the ‘Top4’ billing that the press insisted on labelling them with at our expense (I’m well aware of siege-mentality, but does everyone really have something in it for Le Arse?) will see everyone give Spurs a chance in this match against us. And yes, in a one-off, they may finally break their drought over us. But even with the way we’ve been playing lately, still…nope. Nothing. Blackburn get more credit than we do (and that’s actually true, not just some whimsical parable).

Le sigh, I guess. I hate internationals-week. Stay up-tempo, peeps.


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  1. Harry Rag

    Good site. You seem to be in a good mood even though it’s international week.