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Wenger Signing Imminent

Ah, lack of sleep. I know you well.

Reports from respected sources are all bigging up Wenger’s ‘imminent’ contract signing sometime today. The extension will stretch to June 2011, and is worth £4million a season. In the ongoing board battle, Dein might say he was the one that brought Wenger to Arsenal, but the current board were certainly the ones that kept him there. It’s a lot of moola, sure, and should be the last contract Wenger signs. Between now and 2011, the search for a replacement begins in earnest [Tony Adams? Frank McLintlock? Paul Le Guen? Liam Brady?], but at the same time we have the Master for the all-important years of the Fabregas-centered team’s development and potential title-tilts. If you are actually able to ignore the takeover banter (cue childish clasping of hands on ears, chanting ‘la la la la la’ repeatedly), there’s a very positive vibe coming from the club with regards to on-the-field matters, at least. Hopefully everyone can keep their head in the right gear for the time being.

Old chum and former Old Trafford boxer Martin Keown commented on Wenger’s signing, citing the challenge now for Wenger is to make Arsenal ‘bigger than Man Utd and Real Madrid’ – apart from such lofty aspirations, he was quite glowing in his assessment:

Arsène Wenger’s decision to sign a new deal is great news with everyone associated with Arsenal,” says Keown. “I reckon it’s going to be quite an exciting time at the Emirates Stadium. Wenger has four more years and I think they will be his best years. He has more experience now, the team are playing at a new improved venue and there has been talk of new investment.

Good ol’ Martin. May replays of thumping van Nistelrooi gorilla-style live long in the memory. In a smaller article on Arsenal.com, Wenger has commented on the need to integrate more home-trained players into European squads as per new rules coming into play.

In more surreal news, Cesc Fabregas has revealed he ‘made the right decision’ to stay with Arsenal and reject the approaches of Real Madrid, when he reportedly met with their representatives in July. A bizzare story, really, and is given an interesting context if you recall Wenger threatening to sue Real Madrid if he found the rumour to be true. Maybe they could get the royal family to pay off our stadium debt, like they’ve had the pleasure of seeing out countless times in their stupid history. I hate Real. And Barca. And…and I hate NAFTA. But that’s completely unrelated.

In other non-Free-Trade-Agreement-news, Johan Djourou will definitely be returning to replace Kolo Toure come African Cup O’ Nations time in January/February. A general case of Poor Birmingham – Yay Arsenal, but who gives a fudge. It’s our player to do with as we want. Shudder, I’m starting to sound like Peter Kenyon, Bog help us all.

That’s about it for Arsenal news. That Eastwood chap that scored against Man U last season has some stuff to say about Lehmann, but I dont care much for Internationals news. Only Lehmann seems a little less Lehmann-y these days, which is sad. Share your thoughts in the comments do. It’s about time we tried kicking those off a bit more.

In the mean while…stay safe, all of you.



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