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Wenger Confirmation Confirmed, For Definite, like, Now.

Very quick blog today – sitting outdoors in the glorious sunshine for this one. Aaaaaah.

Wenger’s contract is confirmed, signed, sealed and delivered. There’s not much more to say on it than what has already been said, though there’s a number of articles out there to read if you still like the good news –

I have been entrusted with complete freedom to implement and execute my plans on what will make the team successful. That means I have a responsibility to the fans to deliver silverware and also a responsibility to the players to help turn our potential into prizes. I want to achieve the maximum with this team and it is young and very ambitious as well, and I feel I share that ambition with my team. That is one of the reasons, as well, that I wanted to get a taste of how hungry this team is first before I definitely go for it. I love the job I have at Arsenal – I love to win and I feel I can win with Arsenal.

  Nice big quote there, but it sums up the final mentions of the issue. The news around the club, barring takeover (I’m getting quite sick of that little disclaimer) has been rather rosy so far this season. Wonder how long it can all last for.

In takeover related stories, Red and White are buying small packets of Arsenal shares despite their ‘honest, boss’ proclaimations that they are not seeking a hostile takeover. That, and Usmanov is in trouble with the English/Uzbek ambassador. Bloody glorious. Another Abramovich, and it had to be us.

In other news, Nicklas Bendtner has spoken outrageously about being left out of the side ‘amazingly’ against Portsmouth. Ummm…yah. Sure, he’s confident in his own ability, but kid, please, for me, be a bit more sensible. I’m certain Nicklas will get chances closer to December/January anyway. It’s a rather chuckle-funny yet slightly stupid thing to say, honestly. On an aside (and a good aside), Cesc Fabregas has been voted Arsenal.com‘s Player of the Month. Booya!

And that is all we have time for, ladies and gentalwomen. Stay happy, and viva la Argentina in last night’s opener against France. (That’s the Rugby World Cup, incidently. Like Rugby or not, at least that’s the sport where both club and country has some meaning…). Ta.


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